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Mandating citizens to serve in the military


About 26 countries have made military service compulsory.

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Some countries like Israel have made it mandatory for both women to enroll for military service. However, most countries require only men to serve in the military for a specified duration of time.

The age of enrollment differs from one country to another. In North Koreamilitary service is compulsory for both men and women.

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However different terms apply for both groups. Men have to complete 10 years in the military service. On the other hand, sinceNorth Korean women must serve in the military from the time they graduate from high school until they attain the age of Out of these,are on active duty while 5, are reserve forces.

Israel has been the pacesetter in mandatory military service for decades. Participation in the military service has been compulsory for both men and women.

For some time, there was a limitation to the combat duties that women could engage in. However, inafter a law suit against the Israeli Defense Army by Alice Miller for not being allowed to fly a plane, women can now engage in all combat positions.

Mandatory military service is exempt for nursing and expectant mothers. Furthermore, there are some people who are excluded from the service due to their religious affiliations.

Mandatory military service for all of her citizens could be an explanation for Israel being among the countries that spend most on military per capita.

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Most recently, though, there have been discussions around re-evaluating the practice of mandatory military service in Israel. Only time will tell whether the government will revise it or not. The state of Norway has an interesting history of military service.

It is mandatory for all men to be enrolled for military service from the age of For women, this was not the practice. This is despite the fact that gender equality is a significant issue in Norway.

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This bill was effective from summer and all women aged were required to enroll. Mandatory military service for most countries is for enhanced security. Countries which face enormous security threats require a large army.

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As such they prefer training many men and women and make them part of the reserve forces for activation whenever there is a need for more people in the military service. Consequently, many countries such as North Korea and Israel have spent a large chunk of their national budgets in meeting training costs and investing in superior weaponry.

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