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Asexual flag bracelet


Asexual Pride Bracelet, silver heart charm, beaded accents. Want one of your own? Check out my Etsy store! So in class this week, I was wearing my asexual flag bracelet like I usually do, and I was talking to some kid about taking my final.

I was really nervous and was asking him what exactly we had to do for the final, it was a Asexual flag bracelet german final. If I made Pride bracelets like this would anyone buy them? They would be made to order in assorted colours and design styles!

Want to add to the...

I found a ton of the bracelets I made when I was younger and I have a shit ton of the materials needed. The point of this, besides giving me something to do, is to encourage people to embrace who they are, no matter your sexuality or gender! This is different to what I usually post, I know, but along with drawing, I make real gemstone jewellery on the side. These ones are prototypes, but I would honestly like to know what you all feel Asexual flag bracelet them!

And in the middle of Pride Month; what timing! Everything is hand-made by me, your friendly local ace artist!

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I have a pet snake. My parents are no longer buying him food for me, due to them wanting me to become more independent. Im opening up pride bracelet commisions! More cool swag for your wrists coming from yours truly! Based on the designs of the LGBT, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, and asexual pride flags, these bracelets are made of freakishly shiny miracle Asexual flag bracelet Guaranteed to garner complements and make you the talk of your next pride event, these beads will blind friends, family, and haters equally!

They have a lucite core covered with a mirror finish, giving them a bright shine, but that mirror finish is coated with layers of colored lacquer. Pictures do not do them justice; they look like they glow, even in low lighting, and you should see them in the sun!

Now, for the most important part. I do a LOT of custom work. I am happy to make other pride flag bracelets for you, like Asexual flag bracelet aromantic bracelet in the last photo.

I am ALSO happy to adjust the size if you need. Your size, whether small or large, should not restrict your ability to have cool wrist swag.

I do carry these at all of my conventions now.

Asexual Pride Flag Charm Bracelet,...

Pride Bracelets are in! Get yours before they are gone! Look at all this trade agreement success, super important international trade is going super well. I "Asexual flag bracelet" allowed to wear them for a minute before Tiny Dinosaur insisted on testing Asexual flag bracelet out himself, he says that the glow in the dark element is particularly useful in SPACE where according to science it is quite dark most of the time.

Perhaps he will find the Asexual Home Planet, and thanks to all these excellent new Asexual Items for him to wear wait, Tiny Dinosaur… I thought they were for me to wear? Asexual flag bracelet, he says I can have them back in a minute he will be easily recognised and offered cake. Super thanks to the Ace Mart Web Division for taking part in this trade and enabling these new Scientific Achievements to be achieved scientifically!

Pride Pearl bracelets now available! Each bracelet is made from glass pearls with silver tone spacers held with a strong elastic. Because of this I prioritize making pride jewerly so anyone can show their pride. Whether you want to be bold and wear your flag as a keychain or be subtle and wear a reversible bracelet, my jewerly is the perfect way to show your pride.

LGBT Bracelet - Pride Bracelet...

I make bracelets, keychains, chokers, and necklaces that represent different pride flags. I currently offer 10 pride flags at my shop, including:. JavaScript is required to view this site.

Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. That was literally the first time anyone had actually noticed my bracelet and I was so happy. Plus I did ace the test, which is Asexual flag bracelet bonus. Bracelets take days to make depending on how much time I spend sitting down somewhere.

Pride Pride month love is love love wins bracelet LGBT lgbtq the homosexual agenda lesbian bisexual asexual demisexual allies gay aromantic biromantic gender neutral demigender agender. Made this brACElet and finally remembered to wear it lol.

Would anyone be interested to buy lgbtq bracelets? And I'm including everyone in the lgbtq community asexual bisexual queer agender aromantic panromantic intersex genderfluid gay nonbinary lgbtq bracelets. A cute bracelet my ace friend made for me since i also identify as asexual Dont mind the black marks my camera Asexual flag bracelet broken lol. Ace asexual aro aromantic pride month if you wanna share this to help me out I'd appreciate it so much!!!

I will do anything except: Asexual flag bracelet will ship to the US and Europe! PM me if interested! One more one more thing! I always enclose a personalized thank you note in every package.

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