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Air force dover delaware

Dover Air Force Base is...

It was previously the only base to solely operate the massive C-5 Air force dover delaware and now operates both that aircraft plus the C Globemaster III. Dover AFB is also the home for the largest military mortuary in the Department of Defenseand has been used for processing military personnel killed in both war and peacetime; the remains of those killed overseas are traditionally brought to Dover AFB before being transferred to family. Carson Center for Mortuary Affairs has also been used to identify remains of civilians in certain exceptional circumstances: During the night of October 28,before making a decision on the committal of further troops to AfghanistanPresident Barack Air force dover delaware visited the base to receive the bodies of several American soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

Two sections of the th Aerial Port Squadron warehouse collapsed on February 18,as a result of a record snow storm.

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The damage covered two of the six cargo processing bays in the facility. Construction of Municipal Airport, Dover Airdrome began in March and the facility was opened on December 17, It was converted to a U.

The origins of Dover Air Force Base begin in March when the United States Army Air Corps indicated a need for the airfield as a training airfield and assumed jurisdiction over the municipal airport at Dover, Delaware.

Once the airport Air force dover delaware under military control an immediate construction program began to turn the civil airport into a military airfield. Construction involved runways and airplane hangars, with three concrete runways, several taxiways and a large parking apron and a control tower. Several large hangars were Air force dover delaware constructed.

Buildings were ultimately utilitarian and quickly assembled. Most base buildings, not meant for long-term use, were constructed of temporary or semi-permanent materials. Although some hangars had steel frames and the occasional brick or tile brick building could be seen, most Air force dover delaware buildings sat on concrete foundations but were of frame construction clad in little more than plywood and tarpaper.

The airfield was assigned to First Air Force.

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