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Small world big heart


Recently I get obsessed with working out my abdomen to get six packs.

I am not sure where this sudden will come from. It is quick to see first result, but it gets harder to see improvement. Just when i focused on my abs, the rest follow. I swim, i run, i exercise at home.

Today I ran on the treadmill for the first time. Waken one night by a curious dream and a voice that seemed to be speaking to me like a far-off subterranean stream, I rose and asked: I have always like Miyamoto Musashi through a comic.

I did not notice there are many others who are in love with him too. Miyamoto Musashi, a Japanese Buddhist born innoted that there are twenty rules you should attempt to follow in order to lead a happy and "Small world big heart" life. He was a renowned warrior as well as an expert swordsman. Moreover, his teachings are still studied today. Days before he died, he wrote the following for his pupils:. Additionally, everything happens for a reason, and it is all part of your journey in life.

Do not dwell on things you once did, it cannot change them. Try to accept life as it comes You should accept the life you are given for the sake of your mental health. The truth is that if you accept the most difficult aspects of life, it can make you stronger to their advances.

Attempt to live without desire because it becomes delusional. According to Musashi, you need to live life in the moment. You should also enjoy pleasure naturally rather than striving for it. While God should be a Small world big heart of guidance, you should make your own path in the end.

Simply let your own beliefs and thoughts have space. Avoid holding on to things you do not need anymore In case it once was important, it may still be cast aside now to live a simple and pure life.

Avoid being a slave to your surroundings Health, love, and life itself need to be treasured above anything else in the world. Keep your options open Avoid ruling out matters of the future with closed off thoughts. Try to keep your options open to let the best opportunities come your way. Never allow lust to rule your life People are actually sexual beings by nature.

You should instead strive for lasting relationships. Musashi pointed out that as the dead cannot be brought back, they need to be left behind in the past. According to Musashi, if you get stuck in its grasp, it may ruin you. This means that you should not give way to impulse, people pleasing, or social pressures.

Overcome the fear of death If you fear death, it may prevent you from living life to the full. English is a very special language. Only when I google it, it looks like it means penny worth, it means cheap horror stories. There are so Small world big heart roles in there Small world big heart by famous people now, Orlando Bloom for example, he was so young.

What caught my attention is the Sergeant, Eversman. He is the guy on the poster, he is the leading actor. I looked him up and find that he has many movies and drama, only none other than Black Hawk Down is familiar to me. That was how I get to know, PennY Dreadful. I saw it on Netflix before, but not sure if I wanted to watch it. I have a good reason to start, and I did. Alas, this is a great show.

The scooter was easy to...

The casts, the script, the pictures, the stories. It did not take long until I am fully hooked. This is a R21 drama, it has nude scene and blood and all, but something caught me just right at the end of Season 1 Episode 4, I was aroused not just physically but emotionally and mentally.

When Dorian and Ethan kissed. This is a drama made in between heaven and hell.

It realised a nirvana of relationship and trust that I yearned. It stirs up what has been buried inside me over the years. It is beautiful, elegant and romantic. They are not the eternal prisons they were once thought.

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One day when it got too noisy in the office, I put on my earpiece and started playing YouTube songs to filter out all the noise made by my lovely colleagues who do not like using the phone booth dedicated for calls. They speak not exaggerating, very loudly. She always brings an elephant with her, feminism.

I expect she will surround the speech with this lovely elephant. The speech did not touch on feminism. It is different from when she decided to show her vulnerability in public when she went to Stanford commencement speech. I listened till the end. The speech did gave me some surprise. It left an impact on me. I have been afraid of many things that do not make me happy. Skip to content Recently I get obsessed with working out my abdomen to get six packs.

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Days before he died, he wrote the following for his pupils: Hawking — RIP 14 March So, what would I do, if I am not afraid? Page 1 Page 2 … Page 4 Next page.

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Recently I get obsessed with working out my abdomen Small world big heart get six packs.

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