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Nishantha wickramasinghe wife sexual dysfunction


COLOMBO EconomyNext - Sri Lankan Airlines was a paradise for sex predators with the top management demanding sexual favours from cabin crew and young employees leading to a breakdown of discipline at virtually all levels, a probe has found.

Nishantha wickramasinghe wife sexual dysfunction Board of Inquiry found that Pradeepa Kakulawala, the head of Human Resources adopted a laissez-faire attitude towards sexual harassment that allowed perverts a free run.

Kakulawala insisted on evidence "beyond reasonable doubt" to take action against sexual harassment and told investigators that the allegation was "as difficult as proving rape" and gave tacit approval for the practice. Kakulawala has also been singled out in the lengthy report for his misconduct and dereliction of duty that could lead to criminal prosecutions of him and other senior managers. The report did not disclose the list of victims, many of whom asked not to be identified, but mentioned several young women employees who were known to have had sexual relations with top management and soared to new heights despite the lack of any other qualifications.

In fact, former chairman Wickramasinghe, 67, was personally involved in the selection of stewardesses and recruited many who failed to pass written exams and initial interviews. The Prime Minister's office statement over the weekend referred to the ageing chairman's penchant for young stewardesses which had caused more problems for Nishantha wickramasinghe wife sexual dysfunction debt-ridden airline.

Some stewardesses were chosen for jobs outside the airline, but provided full pay and perks, including flying allowances, for services rendered. The stewardess who told investigators that she had returned to the airline after Rajapaksa's election defeat had been paid over 4. She was also paid a "productivity allowance" by Sri Lankan although her contribution was simply staying away from the airline.

Chairman Wickramasinghe transferred a manager at an overseas station after suspecting him of having an Nishantha wickramasinghe wife sexual dysfunction with his Wickramasinghe's girl friend who was also employed at the same Sri Lankan office.

Wickramasinghe became a frequent flyer visiting his favoured girlfriends parked at Sri Lankan airlines offices abroad and, in once instance, was nearly stabbed with a pair of scissors by one his women associates because he had come late. In Sri Lanka, Wickramasinghe rented three houses at different times and insisted that he required these because he often visited the airport at night and did not want to travel after dark.

However, the head of Sri Lankan airlines security, retired major general P. Chandrawansa told investigators that the chairman did not live in the houses, but used them for "other purposes. EconomyNext is in possession of the names of women identified in the report, but will not publish them in order to protect their privacy. BoI found evidence of ground or inflight attendants appointed with direct interference by the former chairman and political authorities, without any justifiable reasons.

EconomyNext is in possession of the names of those recruited despite failing initial tests and interviews, but decided not to publish their names until they have an opportunity to defend their innocence.

Nishantha wickramasinghe wife sexual dysfunction email address will not be published. Please review our comments policy here. It's not just this woman who is used for such purposes by the former first family.

Agitation by Youth and Professional...

The faithful dogs of the rajapaksas too had a fair share of entertainment. Why not investigate the nature of the services provided to closest friends by stewardesses. And investigate the apartments and houses purchased for them to house their pleasure givers. Who paid for the condoms. Talk about finding the fountain of youth. It is up to public to decide. When there is so much evidence of corruption how come these people are still running the show of the airline?

All this looks like " dawal holmang katha" with the masses as listeners. It looks as if you have enough evidence now to drag them to the justice Nishantha wickramasinghe wife sexual dysfunction to be given the punishment they deserve. Just disgusted of hearing all these crimes and no punitive action. There is fear of the 'King' making a come back and the criminals will be free and those making allegations will be in the missing list.

There are many honourable employees in this company, political appointees have behaved badly and ruined the name.

Why no action has been taken. So many frauds, murders, sex abuses and so on. I think many members in the present government enjoyed privilages and wants to continue their privilages, that is Nishantha wickramasinghe wife sexual dysfunction they crossed over. I am sorry to say that Srilankan airline is gone to dogs, the service we used to get early days were very impressive but not any more.

My last flight was delayed for 24hrs and passengers was kept at the airport. I am sure this thing happend but the way Srilankan staff handled the situation was very bad. Been in the same trade we could hear that Srilankan airline is delayed very frequently. Anyway who ever who is responsible for wrong doing should be punish and would happy to see one day Srilankan is back to same glory days.

Don, Are you one of the predators looking for the writer of this article to "white-van Nishantha wickramasinghe wife sexual dysfunction We know you have the full Weliamuna report. Why don't you publish it in toto.

and Chandana Nishantha for assistance...

Always been from the top down effect and some called the trickle down effect. As a regular flyer I know how Sri Lankan had gone to dogs - highly unprofessional cabin crews - highly unethical pricing of Air Tickets on some sectors - usual delays - abrupt change of departure times - allowing known passengers to sit with Captain while his assistance sitting with passengers - To make it profitable please clean its ranks and privatize the management.

With all these incriminating evidence the government must take action against identified criminals. We don't need talk.

These criminals should be prosecuted and make sure they stay behind bars for forever. If your Political Correspondent is so sure of what he has written why is that he is hiding his name. This only looks like a another mud slinging campaign where those accused will not be able to even to find those who are writing against them. Should give maximum punishment relevant people without considering any status. Also, please be arrange national carrier suitable place for the next generation. Sri Lanakans who are in abroad cannot travel in this national carrier due to high cost of air fare.

Because these culprits has been vested and corrupted this air line. What an embarassment to Mahinda and Shiranthi Rajapakshe? The tragedy was they did not taken any action after knowing all these.

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Dedication. To my brother Nishantha...

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Dedication. To my brother Nishantha...

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