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Bareminerals yellow powder


It claims to be cake-free, full coverage foundation with 12 hour long wear. It comes in 30 different shades! Where to Buy UltaSephorabareMinerals. BareMinerals is cruelty free and not sold in China. I choose to support cruelty free companies even if they have a non-cruelty free parent company. Read more about my cruelty free philosophy here. Fair 01 is for fair skin with pink undertone.

Dawn 02 is for fair skin with neutral undertone. This one works pretty well with my skintone. Bareminerals yellow powder only it were a touch lighter!

Champagne 03 is for fair skin with yellow undertone. I think this one works ok as it hides the redness on my face from rosacea and works with the yellow I see on my neck. Dawn and Champagne are both slightly darker than my hand. I had to really pile on the swatches to make them show Bareminerals yellow powder because this powder just wants to blend into your skin.


I get about 5 to 6 hours of wear and then I need to touch up the center of my face. It looks like bareMinerals is trying to be inclusive and offering shades for darker skintones too, which is great.

As I mentioned above, I get about Bareminerals yellow powder to 6 hours of wear and then I need to touch up my nose and chin, which is where I normally need to touch up. I can touch up with this foundation without any issues.

The core brush makes it easy to apply a thin layer and when I go back to touch it up it blends in without any caking. So yes, cake free! For me to cover my redness with rosacea, I need to apply 1 layer all over and then add a second layer on my cheeks and nose. I really love the core coverage brush that bareMinerals Bareminerals yellow powder you use with this foundation.

It makes it easy to apply a thin, even layer of product. The angled shape makes it easy to get around the eyes, nose and brows. The brush has the perfect amount of give too.

Have you tried it? Am I correct in thinking that Dawn and Champagne are about the same depth but different undertones?

Fair is definitely too pink for me as well. Dawn and Champagne are the same depth. If they were the same depth as Fair I "Bareminerals yellow powder" I could wear them without issue. Nice to read the review and see the difference in the colors on you. I love the brush as well and have some of their products.

I had laser done for the rosacea what a difference it makes not expensive and recovery is quick too. Which laser treatment did you have? I had a pretty good color match in the loose BM foundation, but I itched like crazy when I wore it, so I finally gave up. I have some trouble with this myself, so I take the foundation down my neck to my collar. I think this looks better. I see what you mean about the different foundation coverages.

I find that if I have a yellow based fair as I did back in the day when I and most MUA had no idea I turn brown or Bareminerals yellow powder brown by the end of the day. Fair pink, works the best.


These foundations, overall, look lovely on you and I thought the second one neutral was the best — if only it was a Fair Neutral. Wow, that coverage is very impressive!

From your pics, I think Dawn suits you well. How did you know I was just looking at powder foundations today?? I too have roseacea redness and lots of breakouts I want to cover.

Always interested in your reviews since we share some similar skin issues.

This loose powder MATTE foundation...

Thanks for the review! Powder foundations never last in the middle of my face more than about 6 hours so this would be fine for me. I love how well it covers your rosacea. The finish looks beautiful. I have not yet tried this foundation, so this is very helpful.

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