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Pros and cons of tinder


I once had a friend who was obsessed with Tinder. It seemed like everyday she had a new boy to talk to, and was bouncing back and forth between at least six at any given time.

Everyone has an ultimatum that virtual anonymity helps mask. Making your objectives clear from the beginning can help you from getting hurt down the road.

If you've entered the wild...

But why do we feel the need to be attached to this app at all times? It has made the dating culture of today disposable.

You can throw a person away so easily. Even if you do meet in person, you hook up with someone, you never speak to them again.

Tinder, the dating app used...

The air of mystery, of in the moment excitement, is gone when we lose that face to face contact. Whoa, pump the breaks there buddy.

But do we really want a complete carbon copy of ourselves? Some magical romantic moment will happen, and destiny will be sealed — manufactured destiny. But when we completely remove the human element, we become disillusioned. We build up the idea so much, that the reality feels like a disappointment.

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