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Sexual harassment poster laws

New York City Requirements The...

The Act applies to all New York City employers regardless of size with regard to discrimination claims arising out of gender-based harassment. Several significant components of the Act include:. With regard to the new training requirement, the Commission will create an online module that employers may use at no charge to comply Sexual harassment poster laws the Act.

It is unclear when this module will be ready.

Combating Discrimination Since 1955

Pursuant to the above, the Commission issued the mandatory posting noticewhich all employers must conspicuously display. The Act requires employers to display the notice in both English and Spanish, but only the English version of the notice has been published by the Commission.

The Spanish version of the notice is forthcoming.

As we have previously reported,...

Further, the Commission released the informational fact sheet that must be distributed to employees at the time of hire.

To comply with this requirement, employers may either provide this information sheet to new employees as a separate document or incorporate it into an employee handbook.

As we have previously reported,...

In light of the above, New York City employers should ensure to post the notice and also be prepared to distribute the fact sheet to all new hires before the September 6, deadline. Employers should also be prepared to implement an anti-sexual harassment training program by April 1, Finally, all New York employers should also keep in mind the new legal obligations arising from the New York State Budget.

Last AprilGovernor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the New York State Budget containing several bills designed to prevent sexual harassment in the Sexual harassment poster laws.

Effective October 9, , the...

Notably, all New York employers must adopt a written anti-sexual harassment policy by October 9, On that same date, employers must also begin conducting annual interactive sexual harassment training.

The New York Department of Labor and Division of Human Rights will issue a model sexual harassment prevention policy and model sexual harassment prevention training program that employers may choose to adopt.

At a minimum, the policy must: The sexual harassment training must, at the very least, cover: Employers should consult Sexual harassment poster laws counsel regarding the new employer obligations under the Act and the New York State Budget to ensure compliance with both laws.

Help prevent sexual harassment in...

Now more than ever, it is imperative for employers to have comprehensive written anti-sexual harassment policies and robust training programs. Several significant components of the Act include: The poster and Fact Sheet advise employees of the protections of the New York Sexual harassment poster laws Human Rights Law (“NYCHRL”), lists examples of sexual.

New York City employers must also comply with the recent New York State laws on sexual harassment as well, on which we also previously.

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