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Tina and aom hookup in real life


Honestly i dont know why but i do feel that tina is not a lesbian truelly May b she is intrstd in both gender But she has lots of girly things like love sof toysice creamkids etc Bt tom boy kind lesbians are more likely to b man But ofcourse ther is alwys a space for exceptional case Bt i feel tina is choose to b lesbian because this charachter get her into fame She doesn't want to lose Tina and aom hookup in real life fame Bt it's just my feelingns Hello this is Monika Speaking.

Some people been asking me about Tina and K status. Because there are many speculations that somehow telling us that they have broke up. Okay, lets just say they have broke up. My guess is they are no longer together since February, or is it January or maybe in late december? A woman, normal woman. Just like everybody else. Which it is some kind of media-play? Everyone will think she is Tina's new Girlfriend, and it is - without a doubt- a prove that Tina and K have broke up.

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