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Tonghua jilin


Nestling among hills at the southwestern foot of the Changbai Mountains in south eastern Jilin Province, Tonghua jilin is an uneven city with enchanting landscapes. Tonghua City enjoys rich resources of tourism, both special natural landscapes with green mountains and clear rivers and fantastic culture scenic spots so as to win the renown of "Jiangnan in Northeast China".

Influenced by its climate and geographical features, Tonghua Tonghua jilin also an ideal place for skiers in the winter.

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As for food, Tonghua local dinning culture is fashioned by that of the Korean nationality; Korean snacks and dishes stick out all over the city. In addition, the local fish dish remains a constantly good "Tonghua jilin" for every traveler as well, for Tonghua is abundant in fresh food fishes. Tonghua City is extremely rich in nature resources of tourism. Besides, there are renowned historical sites in and around Tonghua City.

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For example, Ji'an ancient city, the capital of Koguryo the former Kingdom in the Korea todayis filled with enormous relics with over year history. What's Tonghua jilin, the Stele of Great King Haotaiwang, some old walls, beacon towers and relics of ancient battle fields inside the Sanjiaolong National Forest Park, and in particular the Pavilion of Jade Emperor inside Yuhuangshan Park are all popular tourist attractions.

Known as the cradle of skiing, Jinchang ski resort in Tonghua is the first ski center established in China.

With comprehensive facilities, the center has held seven national ski competitions; besides, Tonghua Ginseng Tour, Wanwanchuan Tourism and Resort Zone, Wukuishan Park, "Tonghua jilin" Mopan Lake Park are all great tourist destinations. Tonghua City, located in the southwest of Jilin Province, features the temperate humid monsoon climate.

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The high seasons for Tonghua are summer and winter, also the best time to travel Tonghua. Tonghua has a beautiful natural and culture scenery in summer. In summer, tourists can enjoy swimming and hiking and relish delicious snacks like Korean cold noodles. Tonghua is of typical north China scenery with snow everywhere. The Qianye Tonghua jilin the Ice and Snow World and Jinshan Ski Resort are both comprehensive tourist destinations integrating eating, drinking, entertaining and living.

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However, due to the extreme coldness and dryness, visitors should pay attention to protect themselves. When skiing, visitors would better wear snow goggles to avoid being injured Tonghua jilin the sunlight reflected by the snow.

About 6, years ago Tonghua witnessed human beings started to live there. It is the cradle of both Koguryo and Manchu cultures, China's northeast ethnic minority groups. Koguryo Kingdom 37 BC — AD had Tonghua as its capital for years, so a large number of precious relics and cultural sites have been retained and preserved; among more than various cultural sites, four are Historical and Cultural Sites under State-level Protection and 15 Historical and Cultural Sites under Provincial Protection.

What is more, Wanfa historical site is one of the top ten archaeological discoveries in China. There are diverse nationalities in Tonghua City, together creating a unique regional culture and folk customs. For example, Tonghua Manchu paper cutting is one of China's three major ethnic paper cuttings; three Tonghua jilin are included in the "the top ten Chinese folk paper-cut masters" list.

Tonghua jilin

Tonghua have a glorious revolutionary tradition. What is more, Tonghua is the cradle of the Chinese Air Force, because the first aviation school in China was founded there. Tonghua Longwan Wild Azalea Flowers Tourism Festival began to work inserving as one of the local festival activities.

In the Changbai Mountain area, Tonghua is rich "Tonghua jilin" wild life and plants. There are abandant ginsengs, mushrooms, fungus, edible wild herbs and medicinal herbs in Tonghua. Tonghua is also known as "the land of wine". The wine is brewed with wild grapes in Changbai Mountain, featuring pure taste and bright color. The wine is special and high in value because some medial herbs like ginseng are added in. Besides, there are also many other popular local products Tonghua jilin as bog bilberry, rhododendron aureum, papaver alpinum and Shen Mingkun stone carving.

Tonghua Manchu paper cutting is one of China's three major ethnic paper cuttings; three artists are included in the "the top ten Chinese folk paper-cut masters" list. The most unique entertainment in Tonghua must be skiing. As a land of ski, Tonghua is one Tonghua jilin the ideal places for skiers. There are two large ski resorts near the urban area: Tonghua local food features the flavor of special characteristics of both Korea and Manchu nationalities due to its unique geographical position, located at the south western foot of the Changbai Mountains in south eastern Jilin Province and serving as one of the three open-border Tonghua jilin to Democratic People's Republic of Korea in China.

Meanwhile it is the permanent residence for Manchu nationality. Besides, rich Tonghua jilin ginsengs and traditional Chinese medical herbs, Tonghua is the famous land of ginsengs and traditional Chinese herbs. For example, you can have a taste of the Korean cold noodles Tonghua jilin barbecue in the Yalu River border tourism area.

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Check Jilin to Tonghua train schedules, including live train times, fares and station information. Select routes to suit your trip, and book cheap train tickets on. Tonghua is located Tonghua jilin the southeast of Jilin province, and faces the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) across the Yalu River.

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