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Are matt hicks and kimberly still dating


The final episodes never aired; however, they were broadcast on Hulu. So what you see is who I really am in real life.

They were a couple on the show, but lived on different continents in real life. In June of last year, Matt added: It was really vague. At first I was a little dubious about doing reality TV, because you can be portrayed in either a very positive or negative light, but my parents convinced me.

It's been nine months since...

I was just told that I was going to a country in Europe for a Bachelor, Bachelorette-type show. And that was it. How long did the entire process take, from when you first flew out to the UK to the finale?

About a month and a half. They flew us out there and put us up in a hotel a week before we started filming. They locked us each in our own separate rooms, where we had no TV, no cell phones, no books, and absolutely nothing to do for a full week….

Were there any particular moments you remember that made you skeptical [that Matt was Harry]? There was one moment, when we were in London.

They had little masks on a stick with the eyes cut out.

Everybody here, on this set, on this production team, is crazy. It was just someone from the production team.

Matt Hicks poses for a...

They were really trying everything they possibly could to convince us that this was him. Not the camera crew, just stationery cameras. They keep an eye on you and they can still record everything that you say.