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Boot camp for overweight adults

There were plenty of mixed-gender...

The mother-of-two was told if she didn't lose weight she might not make it to 50 [PH]. A mother of two, who turned a blind eye to her enormous weight gain by stocking up on designer clobber, has lost 15 stone after her doctor told her she wouldn't make it into her 50s.

If you're like many women...

I was the most stylish fat person you could ever meet and always had the latest fashions. I had all the latest designer sunglasses, shoes and handbags, but a lot of the best clothes were out of bounds to me because I was too big to fit into any of the sizes.

At her heaviest Claire weighed 27 stone [PH]. I would bump into old friends in the street and they wouldn't have a clue who they were talking to Boot camp for overweight adults my appearance had changed so much. Claire's weight gradually climbed up to 27st and she was a size 32 when she went to her see doctor begging for help.

If you carry on as you are, you won't make it to your 50s. She started on a low-carb diet, swapping bread, potatoes and pasta for chicken, eggs and lean meat. Within a week, she had lost a stone.

But the key change was new a exercise regime started after she attended No 1 Boot Camp in Norfolk. And the Hertford mum said the support and friendship she found at the camp really helped her through.

Now, with so many overweight...

Swapping the snacking and daytime for exercise and greens, Claire began to notice a big difference. The weight continued to fall off Claire and she also started visiting No 1 Boot Camp's luxury retreat in Ibiza.

Over the next few years she lost a staggering 15st - going down from 27st to her current weight of 12st. It really hammered home just how out of condition I had become.

2. Cooper Wellness Program, Texas

Claire now is training to be a life coach and a motivation speaker at No 1 Boot Camp so she can help other women to lose weight. The single mum is now as slim size 12 and is loving the attention she is getting [PH]. Claire Simcox first piled on the pounds having her two children.

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