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Girl not ready to settle down dating


You can bash me, hate me, call me a douche, selfish all you want. I just want to be honest with you so you can be honest with me. I am looking for someone maybe in the same boat as I, but found a way to correct it. It has Girl not ready to settle down dating hell these past few weeks.

I realized, after my trip from Miami that I am not ready to stay in a committed relationship Girl not ready to settle down dating my girlfriend of 7 years.

I thought it would pass me by, and I thought it is normal for a guy to feel this way. We have been through this road before, only for me to return back. Being with her for so long, and loving and caring for each other, I felt like I was hurting her during our time apart.

Every time I look at her I know she is hurt, when I go to bed at night I know she is tossing and turning. I hate doing this to her, I'm having a hard time letting her go because of this. We talked about kids, marriage, a big house. I feel really bad I do not feel the same as of late. I am lost, I am confused, I am simply not ready. Has anyone been in this situation? Am I just going through a phase in life?

Will I get over this immature selfish feeling of dating other women? I know my girlfriend will be good for me. Great looking 9 out of 10, 26 year old women with excellent personality and here I am, not ready to settle down. How do I stop this feeling? Or do I not? Has anyone broke it off and wished they did not and regret it?

Am I making the right decision by breaking it off? Maybe I am too spoiled? I seem to have everything and only want more. Please, guidance from people with experience. Help a confused guy out.

Bring on the hate, I am willing to listen and learn. Share Share this post on Digg Del. It's your call and the longer the wait, the worse it'll be for your GF. You do realize that the grass isn't greener on the other side, right?

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Many people seem to think that the grass is greener and once they realize what they had, it's too late. I realizedafter my trip from Miami that I am not ready to stay in a committed relationship with my girlfriend of 7 years. Last edited by atlnay; 8th October at 6: Agree with Mad Max, most of those questions only you can answer and resolve in yourself.

I can understand the feeling of ambivalence you "Girl not ready to settle down dating" feel, where you don't want to hurt her yet want to date other women, kinda like get it out of your system. Do you realise you may never find another woman so faithful to you?

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