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Bio 199 uci positions for sexual health


This is the ideal time to be studying biology. We are solving problems today whose solutions were unimaginable even a few years ago, and implications for our society, our health, and our environment are profound. The School of Biological Sciences is dedicated to providing students with a unique course of study that fosters a deep appreciation for the exciting facts and concepts in the field, an education that allows graduates to excel in their chosen careers.

The School has recently redesigned the curriculum to remain on the cutting edge of biological education. All first-year students are introduced to basic concepts in ecology and evolutionary biology, as well as cellular and molecular biology.

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The core set of courses in biology continues into the second year, featuring genetics, biochemistry, and molecular biology, followed in the third and fourth year by a choice of advanced courses in biology. Since biology is a laboratory discipline, students complete a series of laboratory courses in which they learn both the techniques and approaches needed to solve problems in biology. Finally, the faculty expect that most students will engage in cutting-edge research in one of more than laboratories and medical clinics in the School of Biological Sciences and the UCI School of Medicine.

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