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Amritapuri ashram in bangalore dating


On the 21st of AprilAmma consecrated the first Brahmasthanam abode Amritapuri ashram in bangalore dating the Absolute temple at Kodungallur, which was constructed according to Her instructions. While many temples have shrines to more than one deity, each deity is represented by a separate murthi idol. But in a revolutionary move, She instructed that the stone murthi be carved with four faces, one on each side.

This clearly points to the underlying unity inherent in the myriad deities of the Hindu pantheon: We are worshiping a God who is beyond all differences — who does not differentiate between male and female. The temples are kept in pristine purity through daily pujas that regenerate the atmosphere of pure devotion, and kindle a sense of unity among the devotees. Everyone, irrespective of gender, caste or religion is welcome to worship.

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The serenity of the temple atmosphere is maintained throughout the year by allowing only activities with direct spiritual bearing to be held in the temple premises. An Atmosphere of Devotion. If there is a puja at all, it will be in a corner of the temple and ignored by most in favour of the dramas and other entertainment, which are no different from what one might see at a cinema. Generally the temple authorities allow this to go on because it seems to be the only way to draw people to the temple at all.

At Her three- and four-day festivals, the Sri Lalita Sahasranama is chanted five times daily in a call-and-response fashion to allow everyone to participate. Amma Herself sings bhajans twice daily, and the swamis and others sing continuously as long as She is giving darshan, which She does for the better part of the day and "Amritapuri ashram in bangalore dating."

Sannyasis, brahmacharis, and spiritually-minded devotees give satsang both in the morning and the evening. Traditionally, if you wanted the benefits of a particular puja, you had to pay a priest to perform the puja for you.

But Amma reasoned that if you are the person who is suffering, you must perform the puja yourself. In another revolutionary move, Amma initiated mass pujas, guided by herself or one of her monastic disciples, in which each participant performs the puja for him- or herself.

Amma asked everyone to join in these pujas, without any distinction of caste, religion, age or gender. Amma wanted to removed the oft-misused authority of the priesthood, letting the people connect with God directly. Thousands of devotees converge to witness the dedication of the new Brahmasthanam temple. She is accompanied by a small group of pujaris and sannyasis who will assist Her during the Kalasha Stapana. The Stapana begins with Amma turning full circle.

Greeting Amritapuri ashram in bangalore dating throngs of devotees below, She is engaging their prayers and hearts in the ritual She is about to perform.

Then She sits for some time, still and silent in meditation, while the air reverberates with the sound of drums, temple horns and bells. When She stands, Amma first holds the largest of three brass containers, raises it to Her forehead, and again turns a full circle, as if offering it to all the people.

Then She sets it in place on the central post as the base of the stupika. With both hands She pours living grains into the brass container, until the container is full to overflowing. When the grains begin to rain down onto the platform, Amma places a slim divider and then the next container — smaller in circumference, but a brass bowl similar to the first. One more bowl is filled and the edifice is nearly complete. There is a pointed tip yet to be put "Amritapuri ashram in bangalore dating" place.

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In the morning, to the sound of bells and a conch, Mother walks into the heart of the new Brahmasthanam temple. The murthi idol is still outside. Mother designed this unique murthi for Her temples.

It is a graphic representation of one of Her primary teachings: The room inside the temple loses its vacuous feeling when Amma steps inside.

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