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It is a city oflocated 52 miles 84km south of Mexico City. A famous vacation place among tourists due to its comfortable year-round climate, beautiful parks and gardens, as well as its convenient location within the country.

This state capital comes to life on weekends, where local life is combined with the presence of the floating population that comes, mostly, from Mexico City. It's also home to many foreign people who come to learn Spanish, and Las estacas morelos yahoo dating young people will have a fairly big understanding of English because of this.

The heart of the city is the central plaza and palace. Each night of the week you can enjoy dancers, musicians, acrobats and a lot of locals who use the plaza both by day and night as a place to hang Las estacas morelos yahoo dating, meet friends and be entertained by many local artists and entertainers.

The square and adjacent area is full of street vendors selling everything from bead work to maize on a stick and tacos. Getting to Cuernavaca is fairly easy but beware the traffic in the Mexico-Cuernavaca-Acapulco tollway on Friday and Sunday afternoons. Many visitors tend to travel those days and you might spend more than 2 hours on the road.

Plan accordingly or choose other days for your travelling.

These are not particularly comfortable, but are relatively safe and regularly used by the many foreign language students in the city. Alternatively, there are many taxis which can be hailed on the street or ordered by phone or board them at base stations.

One of the largest radio taxi firm in Cuernavaca is Citlali, and all radio taxis are safe, independent taxis are slightly more risky because of low maintenance. Taxis in Cuernavaca do not have meters and prices need to be arranged before getting in the taxi.

At night prices sky-rocket double and trying to get a taxi in the early hours of the morning will often cost substantially more. Try and get some idea of how much a trip will cost from locals beforehand. Once you get an idea of the prices you will be able to haggle and bring them down to reasonable fares.

You should try to only hail Las estacas morelos yahoo dating that say Cuernavaca on them.

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Some will be from other towns and they may not know the way. Cuernavaca has many local and nearby tourist attractions. Water parks are very popular and range from basic water holes such as "Las Huertas" with thermal waters, natural rivers as "Las Estacas" and large, multi-facility parks as "El Rollo.

About 10 miles south of the city is Xochicalco, a large, beautiful and well-restored archeological site. The nearby Tepozteco mountains and the village of Tepoztlan are very Las estacas morelos yahoo dating destinations for locals and tourists with attractions that include a XVI century Dominican convent, museum, many restaurants and handicrafts.

Cuernavaca has a number of language schools where you may enroll in intensive Spanish language study. Morelos Sur int 8, Col. Cuernavaca is a major center for study abroad students from around the world studying Spanish. Excellent schools are plentiful throughout the city.

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