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Godly relationships and dating


Do you want to have God at the center of your dating relationship? Would you like God to influence the love you show another person?

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Knowing the love God has for you means that you do not have to seek fulfillment in how anyone makes you feel a weakness of human "Godly relationships and dating" He will do much more to fill the love-space than a person ever could.

Approach your dating relationship knowing that God likes you and loves you, and there is plenty room for wonders of love, marriage, mature family love, i. Always remember He sent His son, Jesusto die for your sins. Make sure you are strong in your loving relationship with God.

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This means knowing that He is always there to help you Godly relationships and dating the way. Make God the most important in your life. Make Him the love of your life. Know the ideal match for you. Date someone that you would consider marrying. Choose a person that has a similar desire for God, one that will build you up in your faith.

If you are already in a relationship, positively encourage one another in pursuing God. Help your boyfriend or girlfriend to keep God the focus.

Understand that Christians are not to be "unequally yoked" that is, if they are not willing to accept Godly relationships and dating faith, the relationship might have to be sacrificed.

Pray about your dating relationship. Give everything over to God. Let God know that you are asking His approval. Talk to God about the problems that arise. Thank Him for the opportunity to be in a relationship and the happy times you experience.

You can also pray with your boyfriend or girlfriend. It is a good way to help each other out with whatever stresses life brings.

By praying together, you are experiencing God together. Though, it could make the focus more about you two building intimacy—still there is a tendency to bring out one another's faults in prayer; therefore, avoid prodding, interrogating, judging; instead, help each other in order to build trust; love and forgive each other as the Lord's Prayer models for us. Make an effort to bring God into your conversations. Not only will it help in keeping God Godly relationships and dating your minds, you will also find out about each others beliefs.

Talking about a spiritual subject Godly relationships and dating normal conversation into one of eternal significance. Discussing God also allows you to build up each others knowledge and confidence.

Try reading the Bible together. It is fun, spiritual and good for conversation.

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Different verses will help you along the way in your relationship. Get involved with Church. Make sure your boyfriend Godly relationships and dating girlfriend and you are active in the body of Christ. He calls us to serve Him. Be careful with physical affection. God created physical affection to be good. But be careful in how much physical permission you give one another.