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Jae hwan myung soo dating


His name is Park Jae Hwan. He is sous chef on some high class restaurant. He said he only graduated from high school, maybe then he taking cooking class.

He was approach Yoon Jin Myung first. He know when Jin Myung feel tired, he give her a glass cold water when Jin Myung almost late to go Jae hwan myung soo dating her part time job on the restaurant. He make some egg tart for the tired-little stress Jin Myung.

He share umbrella with Jin Myung one day when rainy, and "Jae hwan myung soo dating" Jin Myung to bus stop. I can be nice to you, right? Then he take Jin Myung to her house still with his umbrella. Jin Myung hurry up take off her shoes to see Jae Hwan from the window. Jae Hawn was there looking up to the window smiling to Jin Myung, still with his umbrella.

On the night when the staff celebrate Chef Jae Hwan who get an award, Jin Myung already left because she should do another part time job on convenient store.

After the party, Jae Hwan go from one convenient store to another convenient store finding Jin Myung. Jin Myung little bit suprised but then they have a nice chit chat outside store. He use that knife-sharpen to all day long even his boss scould him, he keep smiling. Rumors are spreading, Jin Myung moving to chashier spot.

Whether it's INFINITE's L or...

He asked Jin Myung about that rumors but she don him anything. Do you still like me? When i think that someone may like me, i become weak. Then Jin Myung just go. Everytime you push me away like this, i hate it and feel humiliated! After that they never talk each other. Untill one day, Jae Hwan meet them yes them, Jin Myung with the manager eating on the some opening new restaurant.

Jae Hwan come with his lead chef, and the food feel awful on that restaurant, or his heart feel awful. Jae Jae hwan myung soo dating come to incovenient store that Min Jyung work that night, but he not see Min Jyung, he just see four girls work on that store, then he left. Manager restaurant make a fuss, he suspect Jin Myung steal wines, he check her locker but got nothing, the he unpacked her bag and still got nothing.

Jae hwan myung soo dating angry, she mad, and she cry, Jae Hwan hug her. After that tragedy, suddenly Jin Myung decide to reisgn, and she never told Jae Hwan before. When he ask why, Jin Myung just asked Jae Hwan to date tomorrow.

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