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Kelley and jennice below deck dating after divorce


When you think of Season 2 of Below Deckthe fleeting romance between Kelley Johnson and Jennice Ontiveros is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Love seemed to bloom almost immediately after these two deckhands hopped aboard the Ohanaand it cooled down just as fast by the end of the reunion — so much so that it looked like they might never be on speaking terms again.

The Daily Dish recently caught up with Kelley, and he said that he and Jennice had "unfortunately" not spoken since the Season 2 reunion.

She's a great girl and has a great heart. I wish her nothing but happiness.

In fact, Kelley told The Daily Dish that the way he ended things with Jennice is one of the biggest regrets of his time on the show. Instead, it came out all wrong and she got hurt, and that's not what I wanted. So does all of this mean that we should stop shipping "Jelley" for good? Probably yes as far as romance is concerned, but Kelley didn't count out the possibility of he and Jennice striking up a friendship once again.

So yeah, I would definitely be friends [with Jennice] again. Skip to main content. Jennice Falls for Kelley. Get Updates Facebook Twitter. Jennice Ontiveros decides to give a relationship with Kelley Johnson a shot.

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