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Waiting for the romance to come back


Fabian Perez certainly had a unconventional upbringing, which deeply influenced his artwork of today. Born inFabian grew up in a small city near to Buenos Aires in a politically turbulent time. Fabian's mother, a beautiful Brazilian woman, married the handsome brothel owner, Antonio Perez, Fabian being their youngest child. Exposure to a life around his father's illegal night clubs, meant Fabian grew up surrounded by beautiful seductive women, clearly his inspiration for his female artwork images.

The 'Cool Guy' in Fabian's artwork is a product of his father's character. Their family life was made difficult by the disruption of having to move on whenever the police would close down Antonio's night clubs.

Fascination with the paint brush started when Fabian was at the age of 9 years old with his mother being the creative influence in his life. At the age of 16, Fabian was faced with his mother's death and then 3 years later his father's. With feelings of despair he searched for answers and crossed paths with Sensei Oscar who became a mentor, close friend and father figure, with Oscar, Fabian found Waiting for the romance to come back through study of martial arts.