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Kaleidoscope dating sim 2 best ending ever


Munster Academy is a visual novel by Ran The art and writing are both pretty good, and the premise is entertaining. I have to admit, though, this game suffers from being as short as it is. A lot of the character development feels kind of rushed, which is sad because I feel like both Bryce and Maiko could have pretty interesting routes if they were actually given the time to develop. I also have to whine a bit about the artwork as well; the person who did the character art and the person who did the artwork of the Cerberus had completely different styles, and it was a little bit anticlimactic to see the supposedly deadly three-headed dog drawn in an almost chibi style.

My last gripe is that there are no CGs, which is always a bit disappointing but hard to get worked up about in a free game. The premise of the game is that Kaleidoscope dating sim 2 best ending ever protagonist was a normal teenage girl until she found out she was actually a werewolf. At the start of the game, she is shipped off to Munster Academy, a school for monsters. She is immediately harassed by a vampire, Bryce, and promptly saved by her soon-to-be best friend Meiko.

Soon, Bryce challenges the protagonist to a bloodsuckers-vs-shapeshifters sports competition, promising to stop harassing her and her kind if her team manages to win.

This game is chaste as heck. A few passing mentions of blood, but nothing graphic and not even a hint of anything sexual. Fun for the whole family.

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Bryce is initially just a douchey racist bully. Ultimately, Bryce drops his superior air and agrees to stop tormenting werepeople, regardless of whether they win the tournament he devised. Maiko is a highly unusual best friend type, since he only meets the protagonist when she starts attending Munster Academy at the start of the game.

However, perhaps because of their shared race, she instantly forms a close bond with him and soon openly considers him her best friend. Although Maiko is initially slightly resistant to forming a friendship with the protagonist since he has always been a loner, his walls quickly fall and he begins to spend a lot of his time with her, often walking her to and from class and having frequent conversations.

He becomes fairly protective of her, and is very uncomfortable with her spending time with Bryce, although he never forcibly keeps her away from him. Elvine is a fantasy visual novel by Heiden. What really pulled me in about this game is its world and history. I was fascinated by the way that the Dragonkin approached religion as a race supposedly hated by God, and I felt like this game addressed some very serious topics in an interesting and engaging way.

Even though the Kaleidoscope dating sim 2 best ending ever of the game is very dark, I promise that the game has some cute parts and even a couple happy endings.

The premise of the game is that there are two races, the humans and the dragonkin.

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Although the two used to live in harmony, a betrayal triggered a war that ultimately resulted in the near-annihilation of the dragonkin. When they assemble at the meeting spot, they realize that all the rest of their kind are dead. Through the rest of the story, Elvine struggles with internal conflict over her fatalistic religion and her true desires, and possibly learns the true history of what caused the war in the first place.

Lukas is extremely nice, especially given the situation he finds himself in. Even as he runs from the humans with Elvine, he is polite and gracious, saying how pleased he is to meet her. Lukas is only alive because he ignored his responsibility as "Kaleidoscope dating sim 2 best ending ever" soldier to fight to the death beside his comrades, choosing instead to flee the scene with Elvine and her father. Because, well, the game is rather short, Bryant starts to shape up rather immediately.

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However, Bryant has multiple motives for treating Elvine more kindly. Forgot to mention that. Halloween Otome is a fun visual novel created by Synokoria. I really liked the artwork for this game, especially the CGs, and the writing is really excellent. I thought the minigames were an enjoyable addition to the visual novel format, and were set at a good difficulty level slightly challenging, but definitely manageable. In my humble opinion, the game held a few too many fortunate coincidences Oh!

You just so happen to be in a group with the three boys you already met. The premise of the game is that the protagonist wins a radio contest that allows her to attend a Halloween party for the famous, attended by all manner of actors, singers, models, and such. Everyone is in costume, concealing their true identities. The protagonist attends Kaleidoscope dating sim 2 best ending ever an elven archer costume, and is referred to by the fitting name of Ms.

For the two week Halloween event, Ms. Archer teams up with three other attendees to compete in the contest devised by the host, possibly finding love in the process. The mechanics of the game are conventional for a visual novel; click to advance the text, and make occasional choices to alter the plot. There are also a number of minigames that represent the challenges faced by Ms.

He perpetually chastises the protagonist for basically everything about her, from her lack of skills on her sheet to her eating habits. Even after he gets sick and she makes him food, he refuses to thank her and just generally continues being an asshat.

Bandages also gets hilariously huffy when Ms. Archer does anything that could even possibly be construed as romantic with another man, although he does his best to hide or justify it each and every time.

Only towards the very end does he give up his uncaring facade and prove that he cares for her, not just winning. Wolf is easily flustered, and often speaks with hesitation in his sentences. He gets embarrassed and blushes very easily, and this is especially true in his encounters with the protagonist. Despite his timidity, Mr. Wolf is dedicated, and resolves to stand up for himself and protect Ms.

Over the course of his route, he becomes more bold and eventually manages to confess his feelings to her, although he never quite gains control of his blushing.

The Count is a shameless Kaleidoscope dating sim 2 best ending ever, calling Ms. The Count However, she is not the only person he uses his charms on, as is best exemplified by his successes in the portions of the Halloween competition that involve negotiation.

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Following the typical player type character arc, Ms. Archer becomes very upset at The Count because she feels as though he has been lying to her about his feelings and leading her on.

However, after a few misunderstandings, he makes it clear that his emotions towards her are genuine and he wants her to get to know the real him rather than the charming facade that he puts up for everyone else. Download Link and Walkthrough.

The writing, the CGs, the music, and the partial voice acting are all absolutely great. I want to particularly praise the artwork: The plot, too, was fun and engaging. After playing so many games that heavily feature dark themes and tragic bad endings, it was really nice to just curl up with a game full of adventure and humor and fun. Not that this game was all sunshine and Kaleidoscope dating sim 2 best ending ever, mind you, since any good game has a bit of conflict to drive the plot and add interest; it was just far more muted than, say Doppelganger: Dawn of the Inverted Soul.

I want to add a final note of praise to whoever decided to put in the option of a dyslexic-friendly font.

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