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Amber youtube fx scott dating


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Amber explains that this channel...

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Amber has started a new...

Posted 08 September - Just because she dresses like a tomboy doesn't mean she's necessarily into girls. Yeah I caught that too.

amber is attracted to boys,...

And I was all like "ooooooooh" but if they were really dating why would they keep that in? But then again maybe they wanted to just to give the fans a hint.

They make a really cute couple tbh and I wouldn't be surprised if they were dating.

Welcome to What The Pineapple!®...

He definitely was gonna say 'dating' Omggggg. I saw this a while ago and her reaction was so cute lmao. I like that her youtube channel gets us to learn new things about Amber and it's a lot more chill than most of the stuff she's done before so I'm anticipating what other fun stuff she'll do on the channel. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

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This means that you cannot reply to this topic. Watch the whole thing tbh Is there a problem? Star Banned 1, posts.

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