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Hwanhee dating 2019 calendar


By akinahana89July 28, in shippers' paradise. Something like 'Remember JoU: Why we Love Them'. It's just reminiscence to JoU and our bittersweet JoUrney together until now. Everyone can post their thought and what they remember and love most about JoU and us.

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Since you don't give us crying stamp. This is my th post. And this is my homescreen pic from last year until today Where are the reporters???? The two actors showed a warm and lively chemistry although it was the first time in a while since they appeared in a public event together after their drama ended.

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WOW what a way to start I have to admit I am shocked by the news With this revelation it seems he was speaking the truth when asked about dating It appears the secret was not really one to family and friends, well wishes are coming from all corners of K Entertainment I am a hopeless romantic IU has a sensible head on her shoulders and she is working hard on her career musically and as an actress, she will show us both this year.

Well it has been loads of fun on this ship kumawo chingudeul, it was great while it lasted. It will be fun watching IU's career and second guessing who Hwanhee dating 2019 calendar lucky guy she finally chooses will be My apologies for the long period of absence a RL Hwanhee dating 2019 calendar emergency has occupied all of my time, however I have never forgotten this thread and the IU thread and I will forever be grateful for meeting wonderful talented people here at Soompi.

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Still in Phil or move to somewhere now? Was so surprised to see the jump in pages. Anyway, it is his decision and choice.

Truly proud of our acceptance of things we have no control over. The timing thing mentioned by akinahana89 is indeed suspicious so I have decided to wait until the W happens or is announced.

I wish JJS and Gummy all the best As for my JoU heart it is still intact because of the happiness and smiles they brought to me and all JoUers OMG I can't believe this!!!

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I still ship this couple but I'm broken hearted to say the least. Now it makes you wonder if IU confessed to him or someone else Was it last year? Why did she write him a song?

I was having a long chat with one of my Korean girlsfriends yesterday about our other friend. In korea, she said if you are in your 30s, the average person dates with the plans to wed, or otherwise they wouldn't date the person for too long. I really do think we are the most supportive and mature shippers I've seen Hwanhee dating 2019 calendar far. Not that I ever had any doubt and I'm not being biased because it's my crew!

I like yoeda's suggestion on remembering our lovely JoU as a way of mourning our battered ship, but also agree with beanshpy that we haven't sunk, just taking that detour to repair ourselves. We never know what's going to happen in life, but I know we wish both JJS and IU all the happiness in the world, whether together or separately.

I hope you all can still consider this place your second Soompi home and come back when you miss it if you decide it's time to leave. The doors are always open and your captain ever present. I haven't been here in an eternity still in university, my schedule is packed these days--I'm pretty sure I only get a maximum hours sleep on the weekdays lolbut I decided to drop by once I read the news.

I Hwanhee dating 2019 calendar surprised partly because it was Gummy. I remember Gummy had rumors of being with Hwanhee a few weeks ago, although I think that had more to do with the fact that Fly to the Sky and Gummy have had concerts together in the last few months lol.

I love Gummy though, so I'm happy for the both of them. I don't think shipping JoU was a waste, though. I feel as if bringing us all together in the thread even if I haven't been around for a while made it more worthwhile. That means IU must have confessed to someone else last year? It couldn't have been JJS if she was the Hwanhee dating 2019 calendar to introduce them While we speculated that her confession went well because she never gave a follow up to confirm or deny the results of that confession, could it mean that IU is secretly dating someone else this entire time too?

We thought she Hwanhee dating 2019 calendar dating JJS happily because she was in a better mood than usual after revealing that she had confessed, after Hwanhee dating 2019 calendar. What if we aren't wrong?

I mean, our JoU shipping.

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