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How do professional high-fliers cope with hot flushes? By suffering and perspiring in embarrassed silence, if Lorna Layward's tale is anything to go by.

All that changed within sight of her 52nd birthday. I was constantly throwing off the duvet, only to wake up freezing cold a few minutes later. Within days, her professional self-esteem hit the floor.

Ellen Dolgen

The symptoms were so sudden and fierce. I never expected the menopause, of all things, to make my professional life almost fall apart. Some women seem to sail through the hormonal turmoil that marks the end of their fertile years average age 51but for others symptoms such as hot flushes, mood swings and memory loss can be so dire as to make life intolerable.

Women's monthly mood swings could 'soon be treatable'.

Menopause Goddess

Antidepressants can treat hot flushes: Talking 'good for menopause'. Hot flushes may be a blessing. My ongoing battle with ovarian cancer. While hormone replacement therapy HRT used to be seen by many as the panacea, its safety profile has plummeted since research in linked it with a higher risk of breast cancer, stroke and blood clots even though for most women the risk of these is still small — see box.

A million women quit HRT virtually overnight and byonly 15 per cent of those aged plus were taking it, compared to 40 per cent in Since then, not much has emerged as an effective treatment for menopause symptoms. The latest research suggests that acupuncture may help ease hot flushes, with women who had needles inserted at various points on the body reporting fewer of these symptoms than those who had sham treatment.

But, with only 53 women participating, the findings are far Chinese dating forum in uk menopause proven. At work she did her best to hide her symptoms, despite feeling lousy much of the time. The study, just published by the University of Nottingham, has shown that nearly half of women going through the menopause have difficulty coping with symptoms at work; yet two thirds say they would not dream of disclosing their menopausal status to their bosses, male or female.

This was particularly true of those in demanding jobs — which might involve giving presentations at lengthy meetings, for example.

Half of these said they would also avoid mentioning hot flushes and other symptoms to colleagues, especially if these were men or younger women.

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