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Are the main characters in divergent dating advice


In just a few short months she went from being Veronica Roth, a senior at Northwestern University who spent ten hours a day working on a book about a dystopian world, to Veronica Rothauthor of Divergentthe bestseller that won the Favorite Book of Goodreads Choice Award. The roller coaster ride for this YA writer, now 25, has only gotten more intense with the massively successful follow-up, Insurgentand the divisive conclusion to the trilogy, Allegiant —not to mention the release of a Hollywood feature starring go-to YA heroine Shailene Woodley as the heroine, Tris.

It's not over yet! This month we get a spin-off told from the perspective of Tris's romantic interest, Tobias, aka Four.

You asked Veronica about getting into Four's head, her tips for aspiring writers, and how she feels about the fan response to the ending of Allegiant. Signing copies of Four!

Veronica on the set of Divergent. Jul 18, Tris's death had been planned since Divergent. Now I can stop asking myself "what could have been if this or that had been done differently" because Tris really was supposed to die. Jul 19, This interview is interestng,we can see that a "Are the main characters in divergent dating advice" is actually really hard to write! It looks like a lot of work, and every character is worked, and Veronica Roth did everything to make him and his behaviour look alive and true.

I think that's amazing! I would still like to know why Veronica decided to make Tris choose weather she can send her brother to certain death or not. I usually get annoyed at the end of a book if it's a typical happily ever after but I would have like that to be the case at the end of Allegiant because so many bad things happen and so many people die it would have been nice to know the main characters despite the fall of all there friend's they still get to live on together happily.

I'm happy for her, and I guess death is a compelling concept. I disagree that it was necessary, seemingly to simply be self indulgent. Not very practical emotionally, and follow-on movies will need to diverge from the plot to be practical commercially. Jul 21, Thank you for answering our questions, Ms. Am geeking out right now, because I am the "Katie" in the 4th set of questions who wrote in about Tris!

Loved the interview - answering your fans questions really made it feel personal. Here's to great YA! Roth, that was amazing!!! This honestly helped me feel so much better about the ending and the future of the books. Also, can't believe you were in the movies! I think her answer regarding Tris' death is Are the main characters in divergent dating advice load of BS. It still ruined the entire series for me, and she does it to prove she is an "artiste".

I didn't read Allegiant because I heard about the death at the end. I know everyone's different, but I don't like books that make me sad when I finish.

I read to get out of the real world that has enough suffering. Why would I add to my suffering by reading a downer book. I won't read anymore of her novels until I know the ending isn't crappy.

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Interesting comment about the deaths in the Harry Potter series. Indeed, major characters were killed there, but not Harry or his friends. Killing the star of a series is not a good idea for a young adult book which is how this book is marketed. You lost a lot of fans, including all of the dozen readers in my family. You, as the author, decided that Tris would die and placed her in a situation where her death was the outcome. I see your point about her death being in her character, but as the author, you control the situations.

I loved the first two books, but was totally soured on the third.

James will reprise his role...

It will be interesting to see if they kill her off in the movies. Expect more howls if they do; but it should play well in Europe. I didn't Are the main characters in divergent dating advice the series because I heard about Tris's death. I loved "Divergent" so much I couldn't believe that was the end of the series, It's called fiction people, if Tris was alive in the end no one will blame "Veronica" for that we'll even be happy.

Now I'm just a frustrated reader: I didn't complete the series for the same reason. Though it was so great till she decided to kill Tris: I didn't mind the death of Tris so much; it was that she seemed out of character at that moment.

I would have asked Ms. Roth why she would have Tris enter that room without her weapon? Tris still could have lost end the end, but I refuse to believe that she would have entered the room without her gun. For what it's worth, I really appreciated the ending. But it also made the book stay with me, unlike a typical happy ending - easy to read, easy to forget.

The wonderfully talented Shailene Woodley...

I actually spent some time mulling this one over after gobbling it up. Ultimately what I decided is that I was glad it ended the way it did - it seemed true to me. This is a violent, dark world Ms. She remained true to the world and characters she imagined. Happily ever after might have felt better, but cheapened the stakes.

Thanks for an interesting series and entertaining read. I don't think my mind is capable of being changed on the subject, and as I have shared with numerous friends, I will not read any more books written by Veronica Roth, sorry.

Did the Divergent movie leave...

Thank you for all of your thoughts- it doesn't seem that we can get enough! Wouldn't she have stayed true to her character?

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I am really pleading for a way for her to fulfill herself but live! And to get an alternate ending!! I loved the trilogy until Tris died now I hate it. For a person who reads books to escape from the worldly sufferings the end of The Alligent being so depressing is more depressing. Tris had a rightful death. I feel that from the beginning we get glimpses of what is actually going to happen in the Are the main characters in divergent dating advice. Her glimpses of character when thought thoroughly even before reading the Alliegiant narrate us the end of the series.

I dont think there can be an alterntive end for this series but certainly wish there had been an alternative ending If you read books just for the love dovey feel good plots and endings then you're not expanding your mind. I was just as upset at the death of Are the main characters in divergent dating advice but this is the authors perogative. And to say that Miss Roth ruined the series because she killed off the heroine is just plain stupid.

But everyone is entitled to their opinions. I for one enjoyed the series and first movie, excited about the following movies and more books from Miss Roth. Thank for the interview and insights. In a series of books that involve a number of deaths in them like Divergent Series people who disliked how Allegiant ended and now will not read Miss Roth's books.

They should be rethinking their reasons for reading dystopian books, as there are bound to be deaths of favourite characters and that Tris's death came as a blow, to me too! I am going to continue reading her books because I enjoy reading them I also think that Veronica Roth's work will get better and better.

Thank you for all the insightful information about the Divergent Series and good things are bound to keep happening for you. Veronica, I don't even know how to put this Thank you for writing these books!!!

I do have to say thanks to Vernoica I was addicted to the potter books and twilight and though I Loved hunger games it just didn't read the same, if I got tired I would put the book down and sleep. With the divergent series and Im currently on the last pages for insurgent I just could not put the books down.

I would be so sleepy then I say to myself just one more chapter. My husband even said that I am fighting in my sleep and talking a lot guessing in my dreams im dauntless. The last time I dreamed about a book was when I was reading new moon and kept turning into a wolf. I haven't seen the movie yet but will when it is out on dvd. I do know that the heroine dies in the end.

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