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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Oxygenated groups were introduced in the EPDM surface after treatment, even in treatments without oxygen. Theses groups were formed when the activated surface was exposed to the atmosphere. In treatments with nitrogen, Fuerza centrifuga ejemplos yahoo dating and possible nitrogenated groups were identified by FT-IR.

Application of gamma irradiation for incorporation of rubber powder in the formulations of EPDM and natural rubber; Aplicacao da radiacao gama para incorporacao do po de borracha em formulacoes de borracha natural e EPDM. Centro de Quimica e Meio Ambiente. The objective of this work was to study the behavior of the recycling of rubber burrs in form of powder, of the rubber industry from EPDM rubber powder and natural rubber with SBR. The rubber powder was irradiated and reused in rubber artifacts formulations for classical vulcanization.

The radiation created devulcanization active sites for subsequent integration of the material rubber powder in formulations of commercial use. The processes were compared and their products characterized by analytical methods of the physical properties such as strength and elongation.

Satisfactory results were found, noting a major spin-off of EPDM chain demonstrated by increased elongation. The natural decomposition of rubber is a very slow process due to its three-dimensional network formed by vulcanized crosslinked structures becoming extremely difficult to reprocess this material. The interactions of elastomers with ionizing radiation of a gamma source were investigated and the changes in physicochemical properties of the materials were evaluated.

Formulations of NBR acrylonitrile - butadiene and EPDM ethylene - propylene - diene terpolymer from the rubber industry were crosslinked by conventional sulfur-based mixing. Master - batch was processed with rubber powder industrial waste and virgin rubber. The irradiated material was incorporated in classical sulfur-based formulations. The formulations were characterized by: For nitrile predominance of chain scission was observed at a dose of kGy.

The response surface methodology RSM is a collection of statistical and mathematical techniques for developing, improving and optimizing processes.

After appropriate processing in a co-rotating twin extruder and injection molding, the mechanical properties, such as tensile strength and impact strength, were determined and used as response variables.

Scanning electron microscopy SEM was used for investigating the morphology of the different blends and to interpret the results. With specific statistical tools, a minimum number of experiments allowed the response surface model to be developed and the concentrations of the components to be optimized according to the mechanical performance. High values of impact. Electron beam curing of EPDM. Normally EPDM rubbers are vulcanized by systems based on sulphur, resin or peroxide.

The common feature of these systems is that they all require activator energy in the form of heat. The extremely high temperatures Fuerza centrifuga ejemplos yahoo dating C have the disadvantage that the final properties of the finished product may be affected in one way or another by a variety of uncontrolled side reactions which may occur.

Radiation curing, on the other hand, is a process which differs from those mentioned above in that the final curing is carried out at about 20C under closely controlled conditions such as radiation dose, penetration depth, etc. In the rubber industry, this technique is used by large rubber processors for example, in roof sheeting and cable production. Its widespread use is, however, impeded by Fuerza centrifuga ejemplos yahoo dating high investment costs.

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One way of avoiding these high costs is to arrange Fuerza centrifuga ejemplos yahoo dating the products to be irradiated by contractors. The optimum radiation dose for EPDM is determined by the required pattern of properties. From this study it may be concluded that the network is primarily built up at a radiation dose of up to approximately kGy. The degree to which it is built up depends partly on the coactivator used and the EPDM type used. In choosing the coactivator, allowance has to be made for its solubility in EPDM.

The type of oil chosen and any stabilizer additions will affect the crosslinking efficiency. Increasing the ENB content has less effect on the final crosslink density than using a type having a broader molecular weight distribution.

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For this study, 2. Both functionalized copolymers increased the curing velocity of the blends, but the higher overall rate was achieved with EPDMSH-modified systems, using the Chough and Chang model.

However, when using the Coran model, we observed Fuerza centrifuga ejemplos yahoo dating they act in distinct vulcanization steps: In addition, EPDMTA decreased the tendency for crosslink decomposition, as indicated by the lower value of reversion degree.

EPDM used as an electrical insulating material was blended with silicone rubber and compatibilizer to improve weatherability, ozone resistance, and dielectric strength. The maximum tensile strength of 0. The morphology of the alloys was observed with SEM.

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Degradation of based EPDM dielectric compounds. The stability of an EPDM compound used as power cables insulation was studied under various conditions of thermal stress. Changes in the dielectric and tensile strenght of the samples were found after the aging. Samples of the EPDM Fuerza centrifuga ejemplos yahoo dating were analysed by spectroscopic photoacoustic, IR methods showing alterations in its components: Pb 3 O 4 is reduced to PbO and exsuded paraffin is oxidized.

Methane is prevalent in the gaseous mixture released by the heated compound and analysed by Gas Chromatography. Diferentes velocidades, 0,05 cm.

The combined effect of clay and EPDM -g-MA on the rheological behaviour is very noticeable with a sensible increase in viscosity which suggests the formation of a structural net of percolation induced by the presence of intercalated and exfoliated silicate layer. XRD and SEM analysis suggest that two different transport phenomena take simultaneously place during the intercalation process in the melt.

Sulfur-cured EPDM building-profile material was reclaimed in a co-rotating twin-screw extruder using hexadecylamine as reclaiming aid. This reclaim was blended with increasing amounts of a virgin EPDM roof-sheeting masterbatch and cured at temperatures allowing for a reversion-free vulcanization.

Surface improvement of EPDM rubber by plasma treatment. The surface properties were studied by contact angle measurements and by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy XPS. The treated surfaces of the EPDM samples show a significant reduction in the contact angle measurement, indicating an increase in the surface energy. XPS analyses show Fuerza centrifuga ejemplos yahoo dating incorporation of polar nitrogen- and oxygen-containing groups on the rubber surface.

After plasma treatment the presence of oxygen is observed due to surface oxidation which occurs when the samples are exposed to the air.

Atomic force microscopy and scanning electron microscopy analyses indicate a decrease in the EPDM rubber surface roughness, promoted by surface etching during the plasma treatment. Thermal stability of radiation vulcanized EPDM rubber. Thermogravimetric analysis TGA and differential scanning calorimetry DSC have been used to study the thermal stability of gamma- ray vulcanized ethylene-propylene diene rubber EPDM stabilized with various types of antioxidants.

The antioxidants used were penta erythrityl tetrakis 3,5- di-tert-butyl hydroxyphenyl propionate IrganoxIrganoxIrganox D, as primary antioxidants; Irganox B and Irganox Bas synergistic blends; hindered amine light stabilizer HALSi.

The measurements were carried out under atmospheric conditions. The effect of antioxidant type, selected concentration and mechanism of reaction were determined.

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Cable insulation materials CIM should perform their safety functions throughout their installed life in nuclear power plants NPP. The CIM will be exposed to gamma irradiation at the installed locations. In order to forecast long-term performance of CIM, the short time accelerated testing was carried out. The blending of these two polymers may result in the improvement in their specific properties. This paper analyses the effects of gamma irradiation on the five different compositions ; ; ; ; of SiR- EPDM blends.

The blends were exposed to four different doses 25 Mrad, Mrad, Mrad and Mrad of gamma irradiation.

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The simultaneous occurrence of cross-linking and chain scission is found to be the mechanism for ageing in SiR- EPDM blends. The electrical parameters such as volume resistivity and surface resistivity of all the blends are found to improve for all doses of gamma irradiation.

The effect of mixing order of fillers on the physical properties of EPDM. EPDM was compounded with other ingredients i. All the factors, which could affect the physical properties of EPDM vulcanizates such as quality and Fuerza centrifuga ejemplos yahoo dating of raw materials, storage conditions of ingredients and vulcanizates, compounding and testing facilities, mixing time, process parameters etc were kept constant except mixing order of addition of filler to EPDM.

It was concluded that mixing order of filler to EPDM affects tensile strength, elongation and hardness and does not affect density of the EPDM vulcanizate. The effects from the structural properties of mercapto-modified EVA compounds on the vulcanizing characteristics, mechanical properties, aging resistance and dynamic-mechanical properties were investigated.

The addition of low amounts of mercapto-modified EVA resulted in a decrease of curing time. Blends compatibilized with the former.

The Fourier-transform infrared attenuated total reflection spectra, atomic force microscopy and optical microscopy showed significant structure changes of the surface. The analysis of an interface of PIII treated EPDM rubber with polyurethane binder showed a cohesive character of the adhesion joint fracture at the presence of solvent and interpreted as covalent bond network formation between the PIII treated rubber and the adhesive.

Colom Fajula, Fuerza centrifuga ejemplos yahoo dating Pola, E. The modification of the elongation at break for NBR- EPDM rubbers subjected to gamma irradiation at various integral doses ranging from 10 to kGy, at different dose rates 0.

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