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Gemini dating a taurus man


For the Taurus man, the Gemini woman is initially very attractive. She is sociable, gregarious, charming and flirtatious, and this appeals very much to every manly instinct the bull has. She in turn is attracted to his thoughtfulness and to his romantic demeanor. For Taurus man Gemini woman compatibility, however, there needs to be a much more solid foundation than this initial attraction.

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In many ways, once he gets to know her properly, the Taurus man will discover that the Gemini woman is his worst nightmare. He loves stability, caution and takings things slowly.

How Taurus, as an earth...

She is a whirlwind of different ideas and moodsand she changes her mind about everything approximately three hundred and forty two times a day. The real problem with Taurus man Gemini woman compatibility is that neither partner has realistic expectations of the other.

The Gemini woman is highly imaginative, and she imagines her Taurus man to be twelve different varieties of himself, Gemini dating a taurus man breakfast.

Sometimes she wants him to be her strong, solid, knight in shining armor — he can do that. Sometimes she wants him to sweep her off her feet in a romantic burst of affection — he can do that too. But sometimes she wants him to drop everything and join her in her latest whim.

Or to tell her to spend as much as she likes. Or to surprise her by announcing that the whole family is moving to Australia. For the Taurus man and Gemini woman, compatibility is uneven, unsteady and a bit of a headache. The Taurus man, for his part, expects his Gemini woman to be a lively and entertaining companion, which she is. She views sex much more intellectually and playfully than he does, so compatibility problems in the bedroom can occur.

Meanwhile, the Taurus man also expects his Gemini woman to be completely and utterly faithful. The Taurus man is hugely possessive, and even if her flirting is harmless enough, it will drive him to deep resentment. A Work in Progress? When things are going well in this relationship, the Taurus man provides a rock of stability for the Gemini woman, so that she can go off and do her butterfly thingsafe Gemini dating a taurus man the knowledge that she has a loving partner to go home to.

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