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Gideona play by Paddy Chayefskyis a seriocomic treatment of the story of Gideona judge in the Old Testament. Chayefsky drew from three chapters in the Book of Judges in writing this play, which explores the relationship of an ordinary man to God. Gideon is to save his people from idolatry by winning an impossible battle in Gideon yago dating quotes Israelites will defeatMidianites. In the second act, which a Time magazine review described as the weaker of the play's two acts, Gideon asks to be released from his "covenant of love" with God.

Gideon ignores God's order to kill some idolatrous Hebrew tribal chiefs, one of whom has a daughter who performs a seductive dance.

Gideon tells God, "You are too vast a concept for me. The Lord acknowledges that man wants to be "a proper god. You know, he might some day. The Gideon yago dating quotes reviewer described Campbell's portrayal of Gideon in the production as "a simple-minded oaf one minute and a Judaic Henry V the next.

Gideon was a critical success. O'Connor conversely stated, "Neither very deep nor especially sweeping, 'Gideon' is a modest achievement, but its very modesty can be charming. It pre-empted Name of the Game. Chayefsky's Broadway script was adapted for television by Robert Hartung.

George Schaefer produced and directed the TV version.

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Four performances of the play were transmitted over telephone lines from the stage of the Plymouth Theatre to a screen in the Auditorium Theater in Rochester, New Yorkin March to test closed-circuit television.

The audience in Rochester watched the live performances in black and white on a 20 x 15 foot screen. Gideon, a play by Paddy Chayefsky, is a seriocomic treatment of the story of Gideon, a judge in the Old Testament.

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