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Indian removal act 1830 yahoo dating


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End of The World Prophecy http: The Trail of Tears refers to the forced relocation in of the Cherokee Native American tribe to the Western United States, which resulted in the deaths of an estimated 4, Cherokees.

The Cherokee Trail of Tears resulted from the enforcement of the Treaty of New Echota, an agreement signed under the provisions of the Indian Removal Act ofwhich Indian removal act 1830 yahoo dating Native American land in the East for lands west of the Mississippi River, but which was never accepted by the elected tribal leadership or a majority of the Cherokee people.

Nevertheless, the treaty was enforced by President Martin Van Buren, who sent federal troops to round up about 17, Cherokees in camps before being sent to the West. Most of the deaths occurred from disease in these camps. After the initial roundup, the U. The other excellent answerers have given you links and the basics; I thought I could add some personal stories, as I have lived on or near the Trail of Tears most of my life. In the winter, when many Cherokee were camped in Southern Illinois, hundreds died of freezing or starvation.

Many local families took in the children who were orphaned, and their descendants still live in Southern Illinois. Indian removal act 1830 yahoo dating Cherokee first located in Newton County, Arkansas. One of their chiefs, impressed by the kind way the European settlers treated them, named the county seat Jasper, for his white friends were "true as Jasper".

Again, when the final relocation to Oklahoma was made, some stayed behind--my spouse's family was one of these. The Cherokees were looked upon as neighbors and basically left alone here. Lots of great answers already for this. I too have the same question.

Hey here's a link but dunno if it'll help What grade are you in? Check this link out ; depends what vocabulary you are using!! The following lines are written in the attempt of clarifying the news that have been circulating in the past few days. There is really no easy way of telling this so I will try to explain to the best of my ability. On the 26th of November Trail of Tears completed a 10 dates tour of Mexico, a tour which was in large parts ridden with organisational problems and resulted in a severe financial loss for everyone involved.

As a result of this I was called to the band hotel in the morning of November 28th, asking for a meeting by the remaining members. Arriving to the hotel, I am instead given a message, lasting a mere two minutes, that because of the situation they have decided to end the band effective immidiately.

The decision has been made entirely without my consultation and approval, and thus Trail of Tears is NOT dead and will continue in a new shape and formation. Needless Indian removal act 1830 yahoo dating say I am very disappointed by the decision Indian removal act 1830 yahoo dating the way that this has been handled by the leaving members.

I have tried my very best best reasoning with them, stressing that the timing could not be worse and that in fact they are violating future obligations with a decision made in a moment of frustration in the aftermath of this tour. I have even offered to cover the several thousand euros financial loss out of my own pockets in order for them not to worry about paying their bills and so that we can focus on our already agreed obligations towards label, tour organisors and the countless people involved.

This was not accepted, however they made sure of giving me all their account numbers before running back to Norway. I am truly ashamed by the lack of insight, understanding and responsability the leaving members have portrayed with this decision, with absolute disregard to the fans who have bought tickets for the upcoming tour, which we now have to cancel, and to all the parties involved who have invested a large amount of work and money in the upcoming release, "Existentia".

The decision to leave a band is an individual choice and I respect that to the fullest but it does under no circumstances justify the leaving members violating obligations and making decisions for other, going public with something that has not been approved. Despite the situation, I want to thank the leaving members, each and every one of you, for the amazing times we have shared, I will always consider you my brothers, friends and family. Great chapters have been written and more are in the making.

This is not the end! To settlers it meant expanding horizons.

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Dreams of riches and a new life. To the Cherokee Nation the journey west was a bitter pill forced upon them by a state and federal government that cared little for their culture or society, and even less about justice. It is a travesty and tragedy of both our Georgia history and our American heritage that forced the Cherokee west along a route they called "The Trail of Tears. Three years earlier, to solidify their claim to Cherokee land the state of Georgia held two land lotteries that Indian removal act 1830 yahoo dating the Cherokee Nation in acre lots and gave them to any Georgian who had four dollars in their pocket and won a chance to buy the land.

Unfortunately, the Cherokee never ceded the land to either the state or federal government and the Supreme Court in Worchester v. Georgia ruled that state did not have the power to make a treaty with a sovereign nation. John Ross represented the vast majority of the Cherokee and had their complete support. With settlers moving into the Cherokee Nation Ross understood that making a deal for the land with the United States was his best option, since he was at risk of losing the entire nation to the state of Georgia.

In early he and his group wanted to deed a portion of the land to the United States for an amount of money to be determined by Congress, with the rest of the Indian removal act 1830 yahoo dating deeded to the Cherokee owners. The sticking point on the Ross deal was the requirement that the United States and the state of Georgia recognize Cherokee citizenship, including the right to vote and hold political office.

Neither Georgia nor the United States would never agree to this. For this amount 17, men, women and children would leave voluntarily and relocate to the Indian Territory, now the state of Oklahoma. Ross enjoyed the backing of the Cherokee Nation, and both the original proposal 4. This proposal had not been approved by the Cherokee council, in fact it was specifically declined. On December 29, the Ridge or Treaty Party members filed one by one to sign the document that Major Ridge called his death warrant.

The only hope now for the Cherokee Indian removal act 1830 yahoo dating with the government of the United States. Unfortunately, Andrew Jackson's forces in the U.

The Cherokee Trail of Tears...

Senate which is required to ratify all treaties were Indian removal act 1830 yahoo dating strong. The Treaty of New Echota was ratified the next year. Wealthy Cherokee Leave Major Ridge led a group of Cherokee west inblazing the land route for future parties.

He stopped at Nashville to visit his old friend, Andrew Jackson, now merely a citizen. Jackson warmly welcomed Ridge, with whom he met for nearly a day. This party contained mostly mixed-blood Cherokee who had been successful in business and could afford to move to present-day Oklahoma on their own. John Ridge stayed in Georgia, actually leading one of the final parties west. Other wealthy Cherokee managed to get out to Oklahoma in smaller groups or on their own, such as Joseph "Rich Joe" Vann, who went west on his own steamship.

The Cherokee Nation's last stand Cherokee hope did not fade. After the ratification, Ross attempted to petition the United States government to no avail.

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