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Rogers dynasonic serial number dating


Rogers dynasonic snare drum. The answer to your primary question must be no.

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One is not necessarily better than the other. I currently own 15 Rogers Dyna-Sonic snare drums. The earliest is unplayable. The lugs are cracked. That drum is a first generation Dyna. The th drum to wear the badge.

Hard to Rogers dynasonic serial number dating that drum being a Covington built drum is better than a Big R period drum that has never failed. So my drums span to when Rogers shut down. There are numerous variations in lug weight, build changes, throw off design, hoop variations, hoop design changes, but over all However, a drum is not going to sound exactly like a drum.

They will be similar.

This would be true of any snare drum built over a couple of decades. The same would be true comparing an early Ludalloy Supraphonic through the years with drums from different time periods.

Even though they are essentially the same drum. If you decide to go with an oval badge drum, you might pay a little more A week ago, I purchased an excellent condition first issue Big R forBoth of those were excellent prices on drums that should Rogers dynasonic serial number dating sold right around and respectively. Sound quality from any year is going to be stellar. There are no dogs to bark.

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Quality of build is not a problem on this drum, over the entirety of its 23 year life span. I could be perfectly happy sitting down to any of the drums I own without reservation for how it will perform, or sound, or function.

Find all posts by JohnPloughman. I really like these snare drums. I would want to pick up set of Rogers from the 60's one day. Thanks John P for your response.

It seems I won't be loosing anything in terms of sound quality if Rogers dynasonic serial number dating buy a Big R dynasonic. How do I differentiate? Seven Line, Beavertail Lug drums will be found between Serial numbers These drums represent the years to This is the Cleveland Paper Tag period. Changes to lugs, lighter casting There are differences you can see, and some you have to disassemble to see, but overall, the same high quality drums.

This drum, Badge number Fullerton Ca. Drums from upper to approx. Lug changes, Bottom hoop changes, frame change. Initial drums were built on Oval badge shells remaining in stock prior to delivery of new shells with the design modifications for the new Badge.

This drum is one of those first issued Big R drums. Drums continued to be built to the end in This is very good info in a nutshell John. This will help everyone in future as well. Much appreciate your effort to post the pictures with crisp descriptions. I have sent you a PM with a question. Funny thing, I own and posted two drums within the same time frame and serial number ranges. Originally Posted by JohnPloughman.

Also to confirm Roger Big R badge dynasonics do not have dynasonic written on their badge. Reason I ask is that both are chrome over metal so hard to say from photos if they are brass or steel. I have a dynasonic from, by this thread, is from ''72 serial and I Rogers dynasonic serial number dating like to find new snare wires for this drum.

Puresound Vintage, Dyna-Sonic The time now is Drums All about Drums and Drum Kits. Rogers dynasonic snare drum Hello - Will you provide some pointers if there is a difference in sound or construction quality between a Big R badge dynasonic versus an oval script badge dynasonic.

I am thinking of buying one but on ebay there is a material price difference between a Cleveland era dyna versus a late 70s dyna. But is it only because of collection value or there are tangible sound differences.

Also what about a 70s script oval badge dynasonic versus a mid 70s Big R. Did the sound of dyna evolve over 60s and 70s? Rogers dynasonic snare drum The answer to your primary question must be no. Send a private message to JohnPloughman. Rogers dynasonic snare drum Thanks John P for your response.

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Rogers dynasonic snare drum Seven Line 5x Rogers dynasonic snare drum seen the introduction of the Big R badge. Rogers dynasonic snare drum This is very good info in a nutshell John. Rogers dynasonic snare drum PM answered.

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Rogers dynasonic snare drum Quote: Rogers dynasonic snare drum I have a dynasonic from, by this thread, is from ''72 serial and I would like to find new snare wires for this drum. Send a private message to double trouble.

Find all posts by double trouble. Rogers dynasonic snare drum Puresound Vintage, Dyna-Sonic Dyna-sonic Serial # Help Serial number isbut I can't find a chart online. I seem Rogers Drums Big R era Dating Guide. Rogers Dyna-Sonic serial number question - posted in Vintage Fullerton Dynasonics with serial numbers 45xxx thru 55xxx date to 0.

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