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Jimin and jinhwan dating services


Our Jimin and Jinhwan? I won't believe anything until Jimin says something herself.

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They don't even have cellphones. I heard they're going through another survival and he shouldn't have any time ot be dating. It feels so good making so much Jimin and jinhwan dating services when other people have to work for so much less. This is what I do Everyone is dating and all we can do is wish luck for them don't hate! I hope AOA doesn't get affected. They look good tbh. O another seungri and goo hara case LOL.

Isn't Jin hwan kind of short so he would be about the same height as the girl but the guy on the pic seem a lot taller. If it's true Jimin and jinhwan dating services congratz but at this point in their careers I think they should focus on their work more. Why do these fans always seem so desperate to deny dating rumors as if their life depends on it. Lol not just this couple, but other suspected couples too, even when there is a lot of evidence they'll deny it until Dispatch Jimin and jinhwan dating services to go and throw proof i their face lol.

This rumours always ends up being true tbh, And they are young why not to date lol. And it was Jimin of all members who once said "I'm dating right now with all of you guys! I'm pretty sure people who post ads like these don't actually do it themselves but actually have a virus. K ask Hyejeong's phone number and she said she didn't have a cellphone.

I saw someone using a same bag as mine, so we were dating? What kind of logic is it I don't understand how anyone can believe idols when they say they won't date. They're young and surrounded by hot people all the time.

Of course they're going to date. No, how did Jinhwan become so tall? He should be same height as Jimin? I'm more than sure these pics were taken by fans of Jimin or that dude cuz noone would even recognize a trainee Its beyond me how having the same shoes or bags immediately means theyre dating The only thing more ridiculous than that is the denial and the need they have to make clear that if they care about their groups, tey wouldnt e dating and more blah blah blah.

Cant they date and practice hard too? Team B haven't debut yet but the scandals are here already. Give them a breakwhat's wrong with dating lol Good luck if this is true though. Jimin has a great personalityhe's lucky: YG trainee is already has dating rumor and then, there's Jimin and jinhwan dating services The second dating rumor on YG trainees before debut.

YG fans scare me. Lol i saw some fans are mad that Yuk Ji Dam,the high school talked to B. I on show me the money.

If you found out how similar the type of their voices,then you will even Jimin and jinhwan dating services them cuter. They are called 'the chickmunk couple'.

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Dear Netizen, could you translate the article about Shinhwa and the lawsuit of their copyright's name. It becomes hot topic in korean websites though Jinhwan's kinda short tho sorry BB but it's the truth My maknae Junhoe needs to get some, he seems thirstay. Junwhore is always thirsty for love, rmb he got hyped up when he saw couple kiss Jimin and jinhwan dating services street lmao. Have a nice time Jimin: Jimin wont give you any single glare though. It's kinda irrelevant though.

Jin Hwan is a trainee yes he was part of WIN but he hasn't really debut yet so he can't really afford a scandal yet. AOA is an up and coming group. I don't know how long they have been around but they are just starting to get recognized and a scandal will not do them any good at this point in their careers. I think at this point it's really a matter of bad timing but if they wish to pursue their Jimin and jinhwan dating services then I wish them well in both love and work.

A lot of dating rumors are random tho. Taehyun and Areum are quite cute. Same shoes, same clothes, same postson Sns: Reveal more dating news between idols. Don't you see how many out there have same items?

I'll never understand why dating is a scandal, like, do you really expect a bunch of hot 20somethings in a high stress environment to not want to fuck each other to release some endorphines?

Meanwhile in J-pop, a trainee may have forced his girlfriend to get an abortion and ditched her. Jimin and jinhwan dating services, that's a scandal, not this weak 'ooooh they have the same bag' shit. I'm pretty sure she has a mental illness and no one should make light of that. We'll get a confirmation or a denial soon!

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