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Dating a conservative christian man


Not conservative, but I am Christian. What Dating a conservative christian man look for in a Christian woman is one who takes Christianity seriously and loved God as much as I do, but understands Christianity isn't about the rules and following the rules, and rules and tradition and all that crap. I have this mind set that for whatever reason not a lot of Christians do. If the bible says to do, I do. If it says do not, then I will not.

Anything else is fair game. And she needs to have a similar mind set.

She needs to be 3dimentional, have chapter and personality. And yeah yeah, I get that whole passionate for God thing and it consumes your life What do you love to do? She's gotta be about stuff. There's a LOT of boring Christian girls out there. I need a fun one, an adventurous one.

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So many Christian girls are so concerned with being good that they never go and do anything, they never learn who they are, what they love, and so on. And they don't realize they can do all that while still obeying and loving God.

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Not a religious cookie cutter robot. I wish more Christian guys I knew felt the way that you do. So often they want a boring girl who's never made any mistakes and thinks the way daddy taught them to. Trust me, there's more of us out here than you think. I've found this sort of thinking is more predominant in certain denominations.

I grew up Baptist, but I hang around with a Presbyterian sponsored campus ministry now, Reformed University Fellowship. Most RUF folks tend to be a bit more adventurous, seems Dating a conservative christian man. I'm actually not part of any denomination.

I tried a few churches out that belonged to various denominations and it just didn't fit. I ended up finding a fairly small church near where I live.

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When I asked the pastor what they believe and what denomination they were. He held up the bible and said "we believe in this. We believe in God. Nothing more, nothing less. Above all else, she must be a good person. She must be caring, nice, nurturing, decent and not selfish or inward-looking. If she's someone who works with charity or volunteering, that's a big plus, as it shows she is capable of dedicating her time to others.

If she's vain and materialistic, only cares about expensive things, that's easy to spot right away and would be an immediate red flag for me. I want somebody that loves God as much as I do with whom I can grow closer to God with. And I personally want somebody that's nice, fun, and pretty. I think 2 Corinthians 6: Here's part of that text: For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness?

And what communion has light with darkness? Or what part has a believer with an unbeliever? Does the Red Letters version have that in red? Then I'd say Dating a conservative christian man not actually banned. And I sorta agree about it not being banned. But I still think that it shouldn't be done, if you get my meaning. Like I said, generally considered a bad idea, but not actually officially banned. The unequal yoke thing is totally spot on, though.

Having a non-christian spouse adds so many problems to a relationship and so many compromises that I can't imagine it working well.

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One of you having the Holy Spirit and the other not having it means that your convictions will naturally be different than theirs, Dating a conservative christian man unnecessary strife in the relationship.

Do the bits of the Bible not count if they aren't in red? Why not remove the non-red bits then? As a Christian, I follow the teachings of Christ. Everything else is history and exposition. Isn't most conservative Christian ideology backed by stuff Jesus didn't say, but rather passages from the Dating a conservative christian man Testament and stuff Paul wrote? The Old Testament provides the framework for Jesus' life.

It's the history, tells us where we came from, what is and isn't sin, and describes the Savior that will come.

But it was also written for the Jews, and includes a laundry list of things that the Jewish people had to abide by that we as Christians do not, because of Jesus, and it's a major point of theological contention as to what was made obsolete by Christ. I sorta hold with most of the ceremonial rules being no longer necessary, but what is described as sin is still sin. The Law says what sin is, and how Jews could overcome it.

Jesus said he came to fulfill the Law, not destroy it.

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What is and isn't sin remains the same, what changed is how to be forgiven. You don't have to make sacrifices of all kinds anymore, Jesus is the ultimate sacrifice.

As far as the rest of the New Testament, aside from Revelations it's basically the same as any other sermon from any other pastor. It's an interpretation of how Jesus' teachings translate into a Christian life.

Paul is a great pastor, and a prime example of the redeeming power of Christ, but he is not the be all end all of what a Christian should be.

He's useful, but his letters are not to be held as highly as the words of Jesus. Acts is the exception here as it's actually a continuation of John, and is the story of the apostles and the growth of the church after Jesus' ascension, rather than a sermon in letter form. Except "Dating a conservative christian man" the part where it's actually paul saying it and we have to take his word that he didn't make it up.

I mean a lot of the so called red letters are supposedly revelations to paul from jesus. And we have to take his word for it that's he's not bullshitting people.

Dating a conservative christian man OP, but I just couldn't see it working out for me.

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