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This year we put our hand up to manage the Secretariat for the National Standards Taskforce.

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As you may be aware, the National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries focuses on organisations that care for collections and Mario invincible song newgrounds dating collection-based services to the community. The National Standards takes the form of a document, hosted on the sites of the nine organisational members of the taskforce, which sets out the main principles and describes the specific standards which support them.

In some states, including NSW, there is as a voluntary self-assessment program offered by the state-based peak body for museums and galleries, designed to deliver training and support in achieving the standards.

In Victoria and South Australia, there are accreditation programs which use the National Standards as their reference point.

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In the Taskforce will publish the next version of Standards—the 2. This won't mean harder, stricter or more difficult to achieve, but rather: Which brings us to our first major job: So far several topics have been raised, around which new principles and benchmarks could be developed.

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