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Dating a woman with dissociative identity disorder


I was only asked to provide https: Dating a woman with dissociative identity disorder lot of people say that most who suffer are faking their illness for attention. My girlfriend at the time who had multiple personalities had parental issues growing up. Her father all but abandoned her, but showed her sister affection and showered her with gifts, and had the utmost disdain for her mother, and ended up removing her from his insurance less than a week before she was to have a major surgery done.

Like an imaginary friend to talk to, the mind could very well have created alternate personalities to take over when she felt threatened, like in a fight or flight response, but taking the mental role of another individual. Unlike the faceless man, sometimes it was involuntary, like when under severe stress. I remember a few times when we would be hanging out in the living room or laying in bed watching Top Gear, she would look at me with this snarky smirk on her face and I'd know it was her aggressive personality, because she'd never look at me like that otherwise.

A large portion of dating...

Why did this personality take over? I have no idea, I was never given a reason. We will call her Alternate Personality "Janice.

You guys wanted a post...

She always stood up to what she didn't believe, and always challenged what I said if she thought I wasn't being honest. She lacked any real emotion and her laughter was always hollow and sarcastic and, truth be told, it really pissed me off, but only because she only did it if I was talking to her, like an "I don't give a fuck about what you have to say" kind of attitude.

I actually got so upset and argued with her to the point she started to cry but, like I stated, it was an empty, emotionless cry, with no sobbing and no altering of her speech as if she were upset, like my girlfriend could see what was happening and was scared and upset that I would do break up with her over it. Very rarely were her personality switches because of me, but I would definitely push the issue further because I had a hard time understanding that she wasn't under control.

The Switch

I won't throw a pity party, but after being together for three years, I had my fair share of mental stress. Janice didn't like me, she didn't know how to like or how to love. She gave me the impression of a sociopath. Picture credit to Zinfer on Deviantart. There was a second personality that I got to meet She told me there were four in total, but I only met two. The first was a much older "Protector" Janiceand the other I met was Dating a woman with dissociative identity disorder MUCH younger version of herself, who was the opposite end of the spectrum, the absolute complete innocence.

I only met her younger alternative personality twice, and the first time I met her was insanely creepy, considering we had just gotten done having sex. It was like trying to talk to and console an 11 year old who had no idea where she was or why she didn't have clothes on.

If you wanted the ultimate mind fuck, that was it.

If you guys want another post wanting to know what it's like to sleep with a 19 year old with the occasional mentality of an 11 year old: Autumn has been very kind to give us a personal look into Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Some people say she is faking her disorder, even one of her disorders says that her host is faking her disorder.

In the worst of times,...

You can have your own opinions, but, please don't judge. I know I didn't cover anything, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Guys, Autumn isn't me. Stop asking me if you can date me. I am a guy. Don't send me yo' sausage.

One man reveals what it...

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You guys wanted a post about what dating someone with Multiple Personality Disorder was like. The Switch Unlike the faceless man, sometimes it was involuntary, like when under severe stress.

This is Autumn Autumn has been very kind to give us a personal look into Dissociative Identity Disorder. Javascript is required to view comments normally. Embed Code hide post details. Copy and paste the HTML below into your website:. Dark Light Custom Preview. Dissociative Identity Disorder is difficult on my partner too. I met a woman once who told me that " a pound of crazy weighs more than ten seeing a man with gave me this truth about 2 weeks in to our dating.

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