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case: An open letter to...

Pakistan is a federal republic. While judged to be mostly free and fair, some independent observers and political parties raised concerns about election irregularities. Orderly transitions in the military chief of army staff and the judiciary Supreme Court chief justice solidified the democratic transition.

The most serious human rights problems were extrajudicial and targeted killings; disappearances; torture; lack of rule of law including lack of due process, poor implementation and enforcement of laws, and frequent mob violence and vigilante justice Mamnoon hussain wife sexual dysfunction gender inequality; violence against gender and sexual minorities; and sectarian violence. Other human rights problems included poor prison conditions, arbitrary detention, lengthy pretrial detention, a weak criminal justice system, lack of judicial independence in the lower courts, and governmental infringement on citizens' privacy rights.

Harassment of journalists continued, with high-profile attacks against journalists and media organizations. There were government restrictions on freedom of assembly and limits on freedom of movement. Government practices and certain laws limited freedom of religion, particularly for religious minorities.

Discrimination against religious minorities, and sectarian violence continued. Corruption within the government and police, as well as rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment, honor crimes, other harmful traditional practices, and discrimination against women and girls remained serious societal problems.

Child abuse and commercial sexual exploitation of children persisted. Child labor remained pervasive. Widespread human trafficking, including forced and bonded labor, continued.

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