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Best books to read before marriage


Count down to your wedding day in a novel way. Pick up one—or all—of these favorite romantic reads handpicked by blogger Kerry McHugh of Entomology of a Bookworm.

Translated from the original Spanish, Love in the Time of Cholera is a love story that spans five decades. This novel is self-proclaimed to be the greatest love story of all time. It involves time-traveling romance with Scottish Highlanders, a wife torn between two centuries and two husbandsand an imperfect but believable love that overcomes the strangest of situations.

It lacks a beginning, middle, and an end.

"It gives a good sense...

Rather, it is a collection of definitions of romance-related words that combine to tell the story of a marriage—and its uniqueness makes it worth every page. Bonk is an exploration of the science of sex.

Two women raise their children to become soul mates, and though the women have a falling-out, the children ultimately meet again and you guessed it fall in love. It may sound odd, but the novel asks wonderful questions about what love really is and how it plays with destiny and vice versa.

Fikry runs a bookstore. Just keep tissues on hand, because this one can venture into the teary-eyed arena.

Before you get married, reading...

The narrative at the heart of the novel spans decades, continents, and physical disabilities to bring two people into a lasting, or perhaps everlasting, love. The couple at the center of A Rogue by Any Other Name gets married because they must, and then go about the business of falling in love.

5 Books to Read If...

It may sound dull, but Szuchman and Anderson manage to make a book that applies economic principles and ideas to the careful balance of marriage fascinating—and exceedingly relevant for anyone married, engaged, or living with a long-term partner. Take a break from your planning guides and curl up with these timeless—and unexpected—classics.

After all, how can you talk romance without talking Mr.

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Before you get married you...

From novels and memoirs about the good and the not-always-so-good. "It gives a good sense of what struggle can be like in a marriage despite the love involved, especially if you're marrying someone you've known.

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