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J ack Paulden is a commercial truck driver from Ohio and a Guardian reader. He agreed to open up about what life is like on the road in the United States as part of a summer series the Guardian is doing on working America.

Leave more questions for Jack in the comments, and he will answer as many as he can tomorrow when he has a break from driving. A typical day is to get up between 5 and 6am.

Walk into the truck stop and do the morning rituals. Get some coffee, walk around and inspect the truck and trailer and then check messages, do the logs; perhaps check weather and any safety conditions on the Qualcomm regarding route of travel and get rolling. Drive to a shipper or receiver and either "drop and hook" or "live load" or "live unload".

If it is live then you may be sitting for hours and not making any money as I get paid by the miles I drive. If time is on my hands, then I will use this down time to plan the trip route. Planning fuel stops and dealing with weigh stations and weather and road construction are also daily events to deal with. Meals Cincinnati hookup expert crazy train commercial the go or time to eat at a restaurant is a variable thing. Towards evening you keep an eye on the Department of Transportation time clock so as not to violate any rules which can Cincinnati hookup expert crazy train commercial costly.

If you want a balanced life I think you have to get home most nights. There are truck driving jobs that allow that, but most of us "over the road" haulers do not have a balanced life in my opinion.

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