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World of tanks matchmaking calculator


My winrate is currently Can anyone with mathematical inclinations help me find a formula that will calculate the amount of wins needed to improve winrate from X to Y? Ninjustice, on 07 October - Tier 9s and 10s: Evidence I don't suck: Like our amazing signature?

PM me for more information. The phantom of the forums. He won it by making some other dumb bastard die for his country.

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World of tanks matchmaking calculator I don't always eat tacos, but when I do they're from here: This allows you to also see how the number of battles changes depending on your win rate going forward b2.

Herodotus4, on 07 October - Not realistic obviously, but I want to see how many wins I will need to accumulate to get to 60 percent. But because there will be losses involved too, let's make things simpler. I think I'm starting to understand. I was trying to make an exponential graph because my battle count increases after every win as well, but now that I see your formula that's starting to look correct. This sounds good but I'll have to do it tomorrow.

It doesn't have unique matchmaking....

I've used Excel's statistical powers before and they are frighteningly powerful, I'm not surprised that it's possible to do something like this on that program. Sorry dude, but my username is unique. I spent a good three years trying to make a username that would be guaranteed to not be taken by any other user in any kind of registration system, and I realized I could just mesh the letters of my favorite color Silver and my favorite World of tanks matchmaking calculator Eleven into one word.

A surprisingly graceful outcome; it looks really nice on paper, but pronouncing it or typing it is a pain. I got an equation that should work for calculating how many consecutive battles you need to win to get a desired winrate.

For kicks and giggles, with my Trandecend, on 06 October - I'm still pondering how to factor in daily WR so we can see a more realistic picture of total number of battles needed rather than victories needed in order to reach the WR. Anyone else have any luck? Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums Help Files.

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