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Jewish orthodoxy and homosexuality


Orthodox Judaism, a branch of Judaism rich in its traditions, has a variety of forms, from Haredi ultra-Orthodoxto Hasidic mystical Orthodox to Modern Orthodox.

As well, Orthodoxy preserves great cultural distinctions from all over the world which color its views of gender and sexuality. Despite its diversity, Orthodoxy collectively views itself as the authentic expression of Jewish faith and observance in a direct line from the revelation of the Torah on Mount Sinai through the many interpretive layers of Jewish orthodoxy and homosexuality Talmud and later Medieval authorities.

All the major Jewish denominations, Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist and Orthodox are responses to the challenges of modernity.

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There is no central governing body but despite the different forms it has taken they all share some common principles of faith and a deep loyalty to Jewish orthodoxy and homosexuality or Jewish law. Halacha is a code of behavior that covers a vast range of ethical rules, social mores, ritual practices and spiritual disciplines. A quarter of the medieval code, the Shulchan Aruch, which to this day guides Orthodox Jews, focuses on sexual practice and marriage.

Judaism celebrates creation as an inherent good. Consequently, Jewish law does not disparage sex.

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However, Orthodox tradition only supports heterosexual relations and only within the context of heterosexual marriage. Orthodox tradition is religiously organized and socially structured by biblical and rabbinic teachings on fixed gender roles, creating separate religious duties and always separate spaces for men and women during worship.

Orthodox Judaism believes that the Torah is of divine origin and represents the word of G-d. The Oral Torah is a rich collection of interpretations, legal discussions and literary expansions found in the Talmud and Midrash.

Orthodox policies related to LGBTQ Jewish orthodoxy and homosexuality are grounded in the Torah and subsequent rabbinic teachings, which prohibit sexual relationships between individuals of same gender, and base gender roles on birth biology.

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