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Gateman knocking oga wife sexual dysfunction


Momodou Denmark Posts. They attended the same schools from Nursery to University. Kate studied Law while Rama studied Journalism. Kate is not yet married but she has a wonderful boyfriend, Ronald.

Ron is a true friend. He loves and respects Catherine. He believes in partnership between the sexes. She married a bully, or wife batterer.

Dawda is a male Chauvinist.

He distrusts all women especially those he labels as being feminists. He hates the activists. He calls them marriage wreckers, men haters.

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Dawda discourages Rama from practicing her profession. He is a business tycoon.

According to reports, a Ghanaian...

He lives in a mansion and provides everything for Rama. You have everything a woman needs. Jewellery, shoes, clothes, bags, a beautiful house and a fat account. What else do you need? I hate working women. They can develop ideas. Concentrate on making babies and taking healthy allowance every month.

I give your Mum a monthly allowance as well. What else would you ask for? Women go to Marabouts to ask for what you have. Concentrate on family matters. Forget about going out there to practice your profession. How many journalists are killed in the world? Dave hates Catherine with a passion. He does not want his wife to associate with her.

He confides in Ousman his best friend. Rama is the submissive type. She has no mind of her own. She totally relies on others to decide for her. What happens to the marriage? Read to find out. Rama came to visit Kate. Kate is a lawyer by profession. Rama is a journalist but she decided to be a housewife not by desire but through coercion. Her husband Dawda forced her to stay at home to be a housewife. She accepted it submissively. The two friends discussed about love and respect.

In respect there is love, care, non abusive relationship, compassion and empathy. We are courting for four years now and I like it so. I am not in a hurry to get married. We want to know more about ourselves. We have to ascertain whether we are compatible or not. My opinion counts in everything we do, all decisions of our lives. I respect him in turn. But look at you girlfriend! Dawda is a graduate, rich and handsome. He houses you in a mansion but where is your peace of mind?

You are scared whenever Dave returns from work. You are not yourself. The Tyrant Dawda entered his mansion in style. He met Kate along the stairs. She greeted but he answered her rudely "Gateman knocking oga wife sexual dysfunction" impolitely. You Gateman knocking oga wife sexual dysfunction to initiate Gateman knocking oga wife sexual dysfunction into your feminist cult!

That would be over my dead body. She is a married woman, leave her alone! She just passed him and went away. Slavish Relationship The tyrant treats his wife as thrash. Rama cannot do anything to please Dave. He condemns everything Rama does. Dave threw obscenities at her. She calls her names. You are a bag of bones! You are as ugly as a duckling. He called her from the kitchen preparing food for him. Rama ran for her dear life. Dave is a terrorist.

He batters Rama at the slightest provocation and he is irritated by everything Rama does or says. She does not know how to avoid him.

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