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Hyper sexuality and ptsd


Compulsive sexual behavior CSB is highly prevalent among men, often co-occurring with psychiatric disorders and traumatic experiences. Psychiatric disorders and trauma are highly prevalent among military veterans, yet there is a paucity of research on CSB among military samples.

The aim of this study was to examine the prevalence of and Hyper sexuality and ptsd associated with CSB among male military veterans. Bivariate analyses and Generalized Estimating Equations were utilized to estimate associations between CSB and the following variables: CSB was reported by This exploratory study suggests that CSB is prevalent amongst veterans returning from combat and is associated with childhood trauma and PTSD, particularly re-experiencing.

Hypo- and hypersexuality may alternate...

Compulsive sexual behavior CSB has been proposed to have two primary components: Although Hyper sexuality and ptsd is not specifically recognized as a diagnosable clinical disorder by the DSM, Kafka proposed criteria for a hypersexual disorder that included the major components noted above, as well as additional elements such as perceived lack of control over these behaviors and engagement in hypersexual thoughts or behaviors in response to negative affect Kafka, An important research gap exists with respect to the paucity of CSB research amongst U.

Of particular concern for military populations is the relationship between compulsive sexual behavior and PTSD, a condition that has a substantially greater prevalence among military veterans compared to the general population. Researchers have noted some veterans may use sexual behaviors to cope with trauma Howard,although the association between PTSD and CSB has not been extensively studied in military samples.

Therefore, due to the greater prevalence of these potential risk factors, one might expect to find greater prevalence of CSB among military veterans compared to non-military Hyper sexuality and ptsd. Despite these indicators that CSB may be important Hyper sexuality and ptsd study in military populations, there has yet to be a published study on the topic.

This study presents an exploratory analysis of CSB in a sample of veteran men who were surveyed after returning from military deployment. The primary aim of this study was to identify both the prevalence of and potential risk factors for CSB among these men. We hypothesized that CSB would be associated with stress-related features and conditions e.

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