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Psychosexual and psychosocial


Developmental psychology is a scientific study of changes that occur in children and adults overtime. In this study, the biological, psychological, enthusiastic and social changes that happen over a course of time in people are put into consideration.

Sigmund Freud achieved the hypothesis of psychoanalytic advancement, where he trusted that early infant encounters had a result on later improvement and in adulthood. He came up with five stages of development each of which had a centre of focus from where he believed children had most energy and that their pleasure was also Psychosexual and psychosocial through those very parts.

These phases of development also possessed Psychosexual and psychosocial theme of psychology together with characters typical to adults. Similarly, Erikson too asserts that there are stages in the development of personality.

Freud named the first stage of his theory as oral stage since he believed that children gain Psychosexual and psychosocial from eating, sucking and swallowing at this stage. Here, he asserted that dependency is deemed as the psychological theme since infants can barely do a lot for themselves. However, both of the two psychologists believed that at is at this stage that children develop trust. Toilet training is considered a central focus of the aforementioned independence.

Another point to note is that the attitude of parents to the infants at this stage can have a lasting effect on the infants. While Freud referred to ages three to six as the phallic stage, Erikson called this stage the initiative versus guilt. According to John, L. Freud claimed that children at this stage come to realization of the difference between boys and girls. They start having deferent emotional thoughts on both parents.

And as for Erikson, this stage covers the years before school where the Psychosexual and psychosocial learn new things and try to participate in new roles.

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Moreover, these two theories varied in a number of ways. They both consent to the fact that humans develop unconsciously in and gradually. These psychologists believe that in order to move to the next stage, a solution to a conflict has to e arrived at.

These similarity Psychosexual and psychosocial that the id, ego and super ego are very significant in development.

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