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Snapchat adults only


These were originally just photos, though video capability was added in Evan Spiegel has stated in interviews that the smartphone camera was at the very heart of the Snapchat concept. This novel concept allowed gave the app its USP. A number of additional features have been added to complement this. The latest innovation in takes Snapchat away from user-generated content. Snapchat Originals features original video content shot for Snapchat specifically.

Snapchat has been a real pioneer in bringing augmented reality to the mainstream through its filters; AR features opened up to external developers for the first time in In Snap "Snapchat adults only." A controversial redesign Snapchat adults only the app in was publicly criticised by Kylie Jenner. Later in the year saw the first drop in user Snapchat adults only posted by Snapchat since launch.

Want to reach years olds on Snapchat? Request a case study to see it in action. Continue reading to see our compilation of Snapchat user and usage statistics, as well as Snapchat revenue statistics and comparison stats between Snapchat and key rival Instagram.

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How many people use Snapchat? As of Q2 "Snapchat adults only," the app had million active users. These figures represents the first quarter on quarter declines in Snapchat daily active users in its history Q1 user figures were millionfollowing a controversial redesign of the app in early The figures are up year-on-year — however, the DAU figure now stands at below the reported figure for Q4 million.

If this trend continues, therefore, this will not remain the case.

Snapchat user growth was strongest between and In Q1 Snapchat users numbered slightly over 40 million, the bulk of whom were in North America. By Q1 the company doubled its user base to 80 million and by Q1 of this it managed more "Snapchat adults only" double this number again million. Growth has been more steady since then.

In percentage terms, the rest of the world boasts the strongest growth figures over this period — 6 million to 47 million: Snapchat is one the most-popular social media channels in the US, with over a quarter of American adults stating they used the channel in — putting it ahead of LinkedIn, Twitter and WhatsApp.

The core user group of Snapchat are Millennials and Generation Z. A greater percentage of females use Snapchat, commensurate with global trends. The Snapchat Snapchat adults only is typically young, and the app has long been considered the preserve of Millennials and Generation Z.

Growth in older Snapchat users has, however, increased in recent years, and is predicted to continue to do so. Snapchat user growth is predicted to be more steady among younger people. Spiegel has commented that targeting older users is the best way to ensure Snapchat continues to thrive. Indeed, the redesign was seen to have had a positive effect in terms of the retention of older users.


Globally, Snapchat users skew female, who account for six out every 10 users, according to Statista. According to Statistawe saw a 0. Snapchat is secretive about the dissemination of such usage data, and the Daily Beast figure is based on confidential data, covering April-September The lack of official figures mean that there is huge variance the figures reported on these metrics.

For instance, eMarketer reports the average time per day on Snapchat is a mere 27 minutes, though Snapchat adults only figure cover US adults only. On the other end of the scale, Similar Web report that the average US user spends just short of 50 minutes per day using the app. As you might expect, the younger the user, the more frequently they log in to check their Snapchat.

Nearly half of years log in daily, declining rapidly as we climb age groups. The aforementioned Sumpto research Snapchat adults only that marketers targeting youth markets can reap dividends from using Snapchat.

Despite the drop off in users, the third quarter of represented a record three months for Snapchat revenue. Historically, Snapchat revenue increases through the year, before dropping substantially in Q1. Both figure represent a considerable improvement on the preceding year, where the equivalent latter figure was very close to three times as much.

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