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Which supervillain should you hook up with quiz


What makes a hero turn evil? What path "Which supervillain should you hook up with quiz" a person who was willing to fight the good fight, turn to the darkness? It doesn't usually happen overnight. It's a slow burn — unless you're possessed, which happens quite often in the world of comics, as you'll see. The real measure of a comic book hero's villainy is whether or not their publisher allows them to stay evil.

Far too often, a story is told in which the hero or heroine is seduced to the dark side, only to be forgiven for everything a short while later. Hitting that reset button takes the bite out of every evil action, and completely defangs all of the drama that having a good guy go bad is meant to generate.

The following 16 superheroes became full-fledged supervillains, but less than half of them stayed evil. Daredevil has always been a hero who leans a little closer Which supervillain should you hook up with quiz the harsh end of the vigilante spectrum. So seeing him become a villain after starting down a darker path than usual was, in a way, a logical conclusion.

But in the end, it turned out to be just the latest case of "possessed by an evil entity. During a trip to Japan, Daredevil won control of the Hand ninja clan, and returned to New York with his lethal new minions in tow. His first order of business was to erect a spanking new headquarters in the middle of Hell's Kitchen that he dubbed Shadowland, which also functioned as a prison for anyone he deemed a threat.

His methods of apprehending the guilty grew harsh, he ran afoul of other superheroes, and he even killed his longtime adversary, Bullseye. Eventually the heroes figured out that Daredevil was possessed by a demon called the Beast of the Hand. He cut out of town for a while, understandably, but it wasn't long before things reverted to normal.

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Once Captain America's best friend and loyal sidekick, his death during World War II served as a touchstone for Cap's future motivations for decades. So it came as a great shock when Bucky was discovered alive in the here-and-now and functioning as a covert secret operative known as the Winter Soldier. As the Winter Soldier, Bucky undertook dozens of black ops missions for Hydra, his conditioning enforcing his loyalty and willingness to kill.

Hydra also gave him a major skill boost. It took the power of a Cosmic Cube for Captain America to finally restore his friend's memories and true personality. He's not the same Bucky he once was, though, as Hydra's influence has left him hardened and more willing to "do what has to be done" for the greater good. After a stint serving as Captain America while Steve Rogers was believed dead, he reverted to his Winter Soldier persona.

But now he's one of the good guys. Mary Marvel may be the quintessential "good girl gone bad. InDC sent Mary down a much darker path than readers ever expected.

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