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Tegan and sara sexuality


The day after the Orlando nightclub massacre, Tegan Rain Quin was walking with her girlfriend through downtown LA when an unusual feeling came over her. As she recounts the story, her voice wobbles and her eyes fill with tears.

And then it went away really quickly. Straight away I was like: I wanted to get out there the very next day.

We Care...

The follow-up, Love You to Deathpicks up where Heartthrob left off — 10 sparkling songs that tackle topics ranging "Tegan and sara sexuality" gay marriage BWU features the line: It must have been weird for Tegan to hear certain songs by Sara and think: So, what were their excuses? Sara thinks for a second.

We would look at people as if to say: What are you talking about? It was alienating and awful at times. Whereas we were out there and it felt like some weird punishment or prison sentence.

When they started out, as a niche, guitar-based duo with minimal mainstream appeal, they had to rely on the indie press to reach their fanbase. The indie community is primarily white, hetero males.

A whole article sexualising her! And the media are gross. But some people make honest mistakes. What the fuck is wrong with you? These days, Tegan and Sara have an impressive social media presence and use it to foster a more direct relationship with their fans.

Sara tenses up when I ask if she feels brave writing such lyrics for the pop mainstream. That is scary shit. Of course, it can be both brave and silly at the same time.

Joyous and frivolous, yet reassuring and comforting, too. The sisters realised this soon after the Orlando attacks, when fans began tweeting the lyrics to Hang On to the Night in a show of solidarity with the victims of the attack and the under-threat LGBTI community.

Tegan and sara sexuality only strengthened their resolve to not be afraid, and to take their show on the road.

Today, sisters-slash-bandmates Tegan and Sara...

Because people band together. And you have to take care of each other. It makes sense that she might feel scared, I say.

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