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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Atlanta's DJ Drama discusses the past, present and future of the mixtape. Can an old-media brand learn new tricks?

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Billboard checks in with MTV as the network plots a course for the digital age. For more, go to billboardevents. I've worked at peer- music since early and to say that the job I trained for is slightly different from the one I have today would be a gross under- statement.

In four years Cyriak roeding wife sexual dysfunction seen labels merge, publishers merge. Latin music genres grow and fade, departments consol- idate and, most important, the birth of the digital music age. As the Latin creative director of an indie music publisher, one of my jobs is to sign and develop talent, as well as pitch artists to labels for record deals.

I understand music is subjective, but it's fair to assume that ifa reputable publish- ing company Cyriak roeding wife sexual dysfunction invested, in some cases a significantamount of money in this tal- ent, there must be something to it.

I don't know many bad songwriters who get pub- lishing deals. As an independent our best hope for the "big payoff" is to get to an artist early when costs are still manageable. Since we do not have a sister label, that scenario is effective only when we can pass the project along to a label that will in turn invest time and money "Cyriak roeding wife sexual dysfunction" get the music to the public.

It's a classic music indus- try scenario that for many years worked like clockwork. I'm fortunate that I work for a pub- lisher with a good track record for devel- oping talent. Juanes, Elefante and members of Molotov and Sin Bandera are all artists that were signed to peer at the earliest stages and remained for the high- est points of their careers.

One would think that labels would be calling us to see what we've got up our sleeve. R reps at Latin labels and the in- creasing level of fear to take risks, indie publishers are now more than ever tak- ing on the label's roll of developing an act from start to finish and even investing in the production Cyriak roeding wife sexual dysfunction a release-quality mas- ter see story, page IS.

We could license our master to a major label, but how much TLC will it give a master it doesn't own? We all know where it will end up on the major's list of priorities. What can a pub- lisher do after having invested time and money in an act that labels won't sign? Or worse yet, when they agree to sign the act but do nothing to promote it, subse- quently burying the release?

It's not al- ways intentional. Rapid staff changes alone can kill a project. I can tell you that from the perspective of the front lines, it doesn't ap- pear that our label part- ners are willing to support us in the way they have in the past. If we stand a chance at bringing new, edgy and groundbreaking acts to the music audi- ence, we're going to have to explore options of taking the DIY ap- proach. Does this mean publishers are the new labels?

I can't answer for every publisher, but for us it's looking like a bet- ter option every day since Latin labels seem less likely to take a risk on new tal- ent. If publishers have the ability to in- vest in masters and already control the publishing, we can be creative about pro- motional opportunities without needing a handf ul of clearances.

Most may view the demise of the CD and traditional re- tail as frightful, but I view it more opti- mistically and realize that we can create a new system on our own. With the advent of Cyriak roeding wife sexual dysfunction sites as My- Space and YouTube, artists have access to the public like never before. They have the ability to establish a direct relation- ship with their fans. They can create a fan base on their own by giving them music to listen to, videos to watch and even directly selling them their music, essentially bypassing labels, TV and radio.

In the mainstream pop and rock world, we read in the trades all the time about bands that can do national tours packed with kids singing every word, without a single song in rotation on MTV or radio. How do they know about these bands? The idea that Latinos are not as lnternet-sawy is one that I do not buy into, and marketing to a Latin-pop audience can be done using the same system. All talent needs now is a partner with an open mind and money to invest.

Who better than a publisher to be that partner? The industry has a habit of making pub- lishers out to be the bad guys — impeding labels from making a profit, holding up progress in the digital music realm, being inflexible in rights negotiations. If it makes everyone feel better to make us the scapegoats, that's fine. While every- one points the finger, we'll move forward and, 1 predict, will be very successful in the process. I read Billboard's Turkish version every month.

I wanted to share a photo of my niece, Ece Baskan, who is a year old and also reads Billboard. We are now the No.

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Drew DeSarie Anthony T. LO Music retailer Cyriak roeding wife sexual dysfunction Latino has pulled all of Jennifer Lopez's music off its shelves in retaliation for what it says are the singer's plans to skip in-stores at Latin retail. The first three CDs in the Q-Series— jazz, gospel and hip- hop— should be available before summer. Mobile usage tracking firm M: Metrics says the market for country ringtones is on the rise while other genres are either leveling off or declining.

Dystopian, apocalyptic themes are perva- sive on the album, echoing topics the group has explored since 's classic "Pretty Hate Machine.

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But a source with knowledge of the project says Reznor may very well perceive it all not as a mar- keting campaign, but as "a new entertainment form. It precedes the concept album and the tour. And it will con- tinue for the next 18 months, with peaks and valleys.

The new media is cre- ating the story as it goes. For instance, errant clicks on sites like anotherversionof- thetruth. And another mind game begins anew, with its own set of rabbit holes. Within days of discovery of the sites, the blogosphere was rich with anxious NIN fans sharing their experiences on message boards.

Excited fans then began swapping and sharing these music files online. Another Web posting alleged that all this activity resulted in enter- tainment blog Idolator and other sites receiving e-mail from the RIAA, demanding that they remove the M Pis from their sites.

Cyriak roeding wife sexual dysfunction RIAA representative confirms this, a move that bog- gles the minds of many. Meanwhile, another tour T- shirt contained a highlighted Cleveland-area phone number that, when dialed, played a snippet of lead single "Sur- vivalism.

By late February, a "Year Zero" trailer was made Cyriak roeding wife sexual dysfunction able at yearzero. The Presence is a recurring theme throughout the cam- paign and is featured on the album's cover. Ironically, with its numer- ous pirated downloads avail- able, the whole album has not leaked yet.

According to a source, the only leaks are the ones Reznor approved himself. Make the experi- ence as immersive as possi- ble for fans. The "Complete My Album" feature will automatically adjust prices of the remaining tracks based on how many tracks have been purchased a la carte. The service will be available beginning April 1 and will enable qualifying users unlimited access for one year to more than 3 million tracks Cyriak roeding wife sexual dysfunction Napster to Go.

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Those customers can transfer some tunes to compatible wireless phones and music devices. That was down An alliance of 1 50 musicians and in- dependent labels — led by Washington, D. Stone Gos- sard from Pearl am, Ted Leo.

Boots Riley and Death Cab for Cutie — is joining the fray of special interest groups catling for government regulation ensuring that all Internet traffic is treated equally. The subject has Cyriak roeding wife sexual dysfunction ongoing de- bate in tech circles and in Washington for the better part of two years. But with an awareness campaign they're calling "Rock the Net," the Future of Music Coalition and co-sponsors Noise Pop and Zeitgeist Artist Management are hoping to involve the music business and push the conversation further into the mainstream.

Instead they argue that charg- ing companies for dedicated delivery pipes could prevent Internet traffic jams stemming from large data files such as movie and TV show downloads. Through advocacy groups like Hands Off the Internet they also argue via their Web site handsoff. Representatives for Hands Off the Internet declined a re- quest for comment. Net neutrality supporters, on the other hand Google. Yahoo and Ama- zon among themwant the Internet to remain as is, without traffic to Cyriak roeding wife sexual dysfunction from select Web sites receiving priority treat- ment.

Meanwhile, consumer advocacy groups like the Save the Internet. Billboard breaks down three aspects of the music business that could be af- fected by a lack of net neutrality. RETAIL One fear among Rock the Net support- ers is a potential negative impact on small retailers if larger stores are able to offer faster downloads and streams.

Six bills were in- troduced in Congress last year— three in the House and three in the Senate— addressing various aspects of net neutrality. So far this term, one bill has been reintroduced. Byron Dorgan, D- N.

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They hope the bill would ensure that broadband service providers do not discriminate against Internet content, applications or services by offering preferential treatment. The bill is intended to prevent the services from offering certain content providers special deals, faster speeds or Cyriak roeding wife sexual dysfunction access to consumers than are offered to other providers. Meanwhile, the FCC is seeking comments from inter- ested parties about current business practices in the broadband marketplace.

Commission chairman Kevin Martin says the FCC is not aware of any operator cur- rently blocking access to lawful online content.

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