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My Transsexual Summer is a British documentary-style reality series about seven transgender people in different stages of transition. For five weekends in the summer ofthey stay together in a Drew my transsexual summer facebook holiday home in BedfordshireEngland[3] where they meet "Drew my transsexual summer facebook" help each other with some of the struggles that transgender people face.

In the early s, British public-service broadcaster Channel 4 resolved to improve the accuracy and depth of their representation of transgender people.

My Transsexual Summer was the first transgender programme they created after making this resolution. Channel 4 broadcast the series in November Also intwo of the show's participants themselves started making documentary short films and videos about transgender. In Aprilnon-profit organisation Trans Media Watch published a study called "How Transgender People Experience the Media", which found that there is "an endemic problem with negative and inaccurate representations [of transgender people in British Drew my transsexual summer facebook stories], and observed that this leads to considerable real-life suffering".

In an effort to improve this situation, Trans Media Watch drafted and published a memorandum of understanding for media companies: Filming began several weeks after the signing of the memorandum, and continued over a period of four months. The participants in the programme are four trans women and three trans men from different parts of the British Isles.

They range in age from 22 to 52; five of the participants are under Before the first episode aired, journalist Patrick Strudwick asked, "Channel 4, why call your new documentary My Transsexual Summer? It sounds like gender tourism, a fun little trip to the other side. Her overall assessment was that "although the programme makers undeniably made some compromises to draw in viewers, millions will have enjoyed the company of these seven, shared in their lives and learned a lesson in diversity.

Musician, activist, and writer CN Lester listed some ways in which the show perpetuated misconceptions or otherwise fell short, but still saw it as a turning point in the representation of transgender people on television: The overall feel of it—of hope, of warmth—that felt Drew my transsexual summer facebook new to me.

And hats off to the seven trans people When the second episode aired, transgender journalist Juliet Jacques posted her thoughts to the New Statesman ' s politics blog, The Staggers: After seeing the first three episodes, Maxwell Zachs called the series "a disappointment". One reason for this, he says, is that although "we see After the final episode aired, Juliet Jacques wrote a follow-up article for Time Out.

If so, this will be because it has, for all its faults, taken trans-related television in a more positive direction. Less than a month after the final episode of My Transsexual Summer aired, Karen Gale delivered Drew my transsexual summer facebook of Channel 4's alternative Christmas message on Christmas Day Drew-Ashlyn Cunningham made speaking appearances at schools, universities, and youth groups.

Drew-Ashlyn has since left Illamasqua to go on her own. Drew-Ashlyn underwent facial surgery in which consisted of a nose job, jaw and chin contouring as well as a trachea shave. She continues to do volunteer work. Maxwell Zachs is a writer, Judaic studies scholar, and trans activist.

Since he has written for various publications on subjects pertaining to gender and Judaism. Donna Whitbread is a stage and festival performer. After her time with her new friends at the retreat, Sarah Savage was optimistic. Lewis Hancox' fundraising events attracted donations from TV viewers; among those who gave to the cause were Stephen Fry and Graham Norton.

Fox Fisher aka Raphael Fox "Drew my transsexual summer facebook" to work as a freelance screen printer and visual artist.

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In Julythe university granted them an honorary doctorate "in recognition of their major contribution to raising the profile, both nationally and internationally, of issues affecting trans people and the promotion of arts in the media". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Helen Richards series producer Elaine Stoneham senior producer. Transgender portal Television in the United Kingdom portal.

My Transsexual Summer " Press release. Retrieved — via 4 Press. The Westminster Media Forum organises senior-level seminars on public policywith no policy agenda of its own other than… to raise the quality of debate on public policy developments and so create opportunities for informed discussion.

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The Heroines of My Life Interview. Interviewed by Monikam Kowalska.

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