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Excel consolidating columns


It's a great tool for combining data when several users work with different instances of the same file.

But don't cross this feature off your list because it sounds like something you don't Excel consolidating columns. You can also use it to quickly summarize data in a single sheet - without sorting the data. Consolidate is simple to use but requires a bit of initial setup. When the data range accommodates the following rules, it's probably the quickest way to summarize data:.

Let's use the simple data range shown below to illustrate the Consolidate feature. Specifically, let's find the subtotal for each date.

Excel consolidating columns this case, the data meets the first two conditions listed above.

If you merge multiple columns...

The only setup task left is to name the data range using your favorite technique, or as follows:. Now you're ready to use the Consolidate feature to subtotal the sold Excel consolidating columns by date, as follows:.

Using this same technique, you can summarize by the Region and Item columns.

When subtotaling by region, name B Repeat the steps above, using CByRegion as the reference in step 4. To subtotal by item, name the range C D13 CByItem, and use it as the Reference.