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Gay mens sexual health london


HIV unfortunately is a still a big problem that affects the gay community disproportionally. There has also been recent studies showing that undetectable means uninfectious UequalsU which is great news. However there is still no cure and Gay mens sexual health london should not get complacent. Regular testing is vital.

The modes of transmission are similar to that of Hepatitis C but it is much easier to pass it on sexually, even via oral sex. For most people infection with HPV is a minor irritation leading to genital warts.

However for HIV positive patients, due to an impaired immune system, it is much harder to clear the virus. The problem with a persistent HPV infection is that eventually this could lead to anal dysplasia and pre-cancerous changes in the anus.

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A systemic disease caused by a type of Chlamydia infection. It is mostly seen in gay men who have unprotected anal sex bareback.