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Intrasexual selection biology definition


Log in or sign up to add this lesson to a Custom Course. Login or Sign up. What attracts you to the opposite sex? Do you like men with facial hair and large muscles? Or women with curvy figures and thick, silky hair? Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to a person? What if I were to tell you it had something, in part, to do with sexual selectionor when certain members within a species have an advantage over other members when it comes to mating.

But why a male with facial hair and large muscles or a female with thick, silky hair and a curvy body? Scientists have studied sexual selection in humans and "Intrasexual selection biology definition" are many different schools of thought. One is that large muscles and the ability to grow facial hair indicate that the man is healthy and likely has good genes. Females that mate with men who have good genetic material are likely to have offspring that can survive and reproduce. The same theory suggests that curvy women, with a specific hip to waist ratio, have enough body fat to carry and Intrasexual selection biology definition a child.

Women are also likely to be healthy with good genes if they can grow thick, silky hair. So you might not realize you are choosing a mate based on his or her ability to contribute good genes to your offspring, but over thousands of years this process of sexual selection has acted as a type of natural selection.

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